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    The XO and her bag

    I was buying the XO a new bag for her new pistol. I upgraded at work and had been making much more substantial enemies. Due to this I upgraded her carry gun and she would carrying 24/7. To have my headstrong XO to make this decision took a particularly news-worthy arrest including a wall full of "named" rifles and a few homemade devices. Once she found how easy it was to find our information on-line she was on-board. So, here I was in a hippy/dippy store over-paying for a stupid bag that will make her happy, and more importantly, will make sure the XO will have her weapon with her.

    I had a very interesting and amusing conversation with a super liberal, old guard hard core leftist. She is the owner of the store and while she and the XO were talking the XO must have let slip a few clues because out of the blue super-lib turns and asks “Are you a cop?” I was already in the launch mode for the “I’m just a painter/contractor” with a follow up story and a few distractors and talking points about the shoddy construction in the store… But then her uncertain body language and pleading eyes triggered the wolfhound to step past the grey man. I told her what I do, and happen to get paid for.

    She then related a story in which she was tied into a conundrum. She knew that it was “bad” to be racist, but then asked me if I though the adult middle-eastern male who had moved into her neighborhood with several teenage boys might be a “terror cell.” I explained several things to her and discovered she was torn between being willing and able to protect herself, and being willing to live in fear while clinging to her high ideals. She is and will be exactly what I saw her to be when I walked in the store.


    The only change was she has now realized that she is prey. She has realized that the wolves have come to call. She has begun to bleat and is bleating with the knowledge that the sheepdogs she had been bleating about and attempting to de-claw for years are the ONLY thing she has to protect her. She realized she is prey and she is afraid.

    And even as I explained that the XO will carry because I am not always with her, and SHE is responsible for her safety. When I am not there it is HER job to protect the family. And if SHE can’t mamma bear enough to hurt or kill that bad thing enough to save our people, then she had better take a few with her. SHE knows this, SHE does this and I am damn proud to have her as MY XO. Because I know SHE will. The XO is NOT prey. Not by a long shot boys.

    But that shop owner is prey, and is unwilling to do anything to change it.

    I needed to thank her because she again showed me why I swore that oath so many years ago.

    My XO makes me proud because she is a badass. The prey motivates me to educate as many as I can, train as many squad mates I can so when the flag goes up I have someone of quality at my back. I know where I am going when I hear gunfire, bad shit, or identify a wolf. It is the same damn thing I would do if I were "just a painter." I just so happen to get paid for hunting men and don't have to do it for free.

    To quote something I wrote over a 14 years ago when I was transitioning from .gov to LEO:

    “I want to hunt the predators that prey on the weak, protect those who cannot or will not protect themselves. I want to spend my life using my skills to serve the people of my community to the best of my ability.”

    Today I find my motivation from POTUS Trump, Sec/Def Mattis and Rep. Clay Higgins. When I need to hear words that reflect how I feel in my soul. True leadership has been sorely lacking and I am proud to hear men I would follow into battle speaking words I would speak.

    Thank you Gabe, Taipan sir, for creating this place. Thank you for bringing like-minded warriors together where we can pass the pipe and sharpen our blades.

    Brothers, stay sharp… during this month and the ones followings we will be called upon somewhere. Be safe, be aggressive and most of all be ready.
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    Thank you. This is impactful. I see the difference between my XO and my sister.
    Soli Deo Gloria

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    Great write up!
    Gabriel Suarez

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    Good stuff. This kind of prey sees the world as it wishes to it were even as it is being eaten.

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    Well written brother.

    Prey attracts Predators; live ready, see the tells.
    Ted Demosthenes
    Suarez International Staff Instructor

    From Murphy's Laws of Combat: "Incoming has the right-of-way" (so, GTFOTX!!)

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