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    Default Contest: The SI Imprint

    I am a student here, not an instructor. Nevertheless, after being approached to form a church safety team I am finding myself in the instructor role and applying the SI “imprint” to our little 6 man team. For your consideration, I will share how SI training, SI gear, and the Warrior Talk forum have influenced my approach over the last five months.

    At first I wondered why they asked me. I am 60, in good shape, and a veteran (submarines, which hardly makes me a Delta candidate). I attended the CRG and FoF classes and was deeply impressed. I follow the forum posts closely and am a regular customer at the gear store, including a red dot G19 slide modification. See my post reviewing that purchase.

    It seems that I am not quite as much a “grey man” as I thought. I never discussed or advertised carrying at church over the last 15 years that I have been doing it. I think that our emphasis on mindset, posture, attitude and carrying yourself properly are actually more visible than we are aware of. Such things are emphasized in classes and in forum posts.

    I am surprised but not surprised at how what I have learned here has prepared me for the job.

    SI Training:

    • My two licensed to carry guys have benefited greatly from get off the X movements, marksmanship tips, dry fire, and other little things that I was corrected on when I trained with SI. Again, I am not an SI level instructor but what one learns at an SI class cannot help but be passed on. I have encouraged my armed guys to spend the money and train with SI. And to buy Airsoft so we can practice on each other.

    Warrior Talk

    • There is a fine commercial line between what SI shares via the forum and what they charge for. I think being a Gear Store customer helps here. If one benefits from the forum, he is morally obligated to patronize the store. For example, I have closely read and even posted on some of the Killing Within the Law topics but have not been to the formal class. I used the Deadly Force Flowchart during training to help us analyze and understand use of force in a scenario and how to articulate the aftermath. I hope I am within fair use on the copyright. To borrow from a certain dwarf, I learn and I buy things.
    • Medical posts by staff and others
    • Innumerable posts by instructors and “been there” members passing on what they know

    SI Gear

    • Tourniquets, patrol officer med kits, and a terrorist interdiction bag to hold it all.
    • Books like Beating the Reaper and Killing the Active Shooter guide my discussion with the team.
    • Videos: CRG, AK and AR gunfighting, Combat Fitness, rifle maintenance, pistol fighting. Not used during our training but these are good refreshers after classes or good introductions before classes.
    • Red dot package on my G19 slide. Stunningly outperforms the other team members. “Maybe you ought to look into one yourself.”

    I think “imprint” is a useful term for what is happening. I have the SI imprint and depending on your level of involvement with training, gear and the forum, so do you. Use it to prepare yourself and others to be more dangerous than evil men expect. Be ready, because today might be the day God calls you to action.

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    Thank you. Nicely written.
    Gabriel Suarez

    Turning Lambs into Lions Since 1995

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    Imprint conveys the thought well, thank you for expressing the thought.
    Soli Deo Gloria

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