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    Default CRG-4: FORCE ON FORCE GUNFIGHTING - MAY 18-19, 2019 - ORANGE, TX


    Let me be the first to thank you for an awesome class this weekend. I also want to thank all of the guys that were there to train. I learned something from each and every one of you. You were all great to work with.

    Jon conducted a well structured course that built progressive skills in a logical progression. When learning such great stuff I found it difficult to not to try to "run before I learned to walk." Jon did a great job of keeping us on track and always kept health and safety of the group in mind with frequent water breaks. Reflecting back, this also gave us time to process what we were learning rather than allowing fatigue to take too big of a toll on performance due to our own eagerness.

    We quickly learned those dang pellets hurt. To be a good drilling partner means you don't want to really lay the hurt on the guy playing the part of the bad guy. So to be courteous, shoot him in the face and head where his protective gear is. It is amazing to me how readily the students were getting solid, consistent hits on the head during the drills while both participants are moving. We are not talking about the occasional accidental hit to the head. Guys were repeatedly able to shoot a knife attacker 2-3 times in the face and head while both guys are moving.

    For those who think they are not ready for something like this I would encourage you to get off of the fence and schedule a Force on Force class. It is the best training you are going to get to save your life in a real fight. If you have physical limitations, that is ok. This will teach you to work around them the best you can. Shooting small groups on a square range prepares you for a gunfight about as much as throwing a whiffle ball with your dad in the back yard prepares you to pitch a game in the World Series.

    Thanks again to Jon for a great experience and to SI for the opportunity.


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    This was an awesome weekend. Thankful for the opportunity to knock rust off learned techniques. I quickly discovered moving and shooting is a practiced skill for me, and not something to let subside.

    I also took the opportunity to evaluate my normal choice of carry holster (trigger guard/minimalist style) and experienced its limitations in a reactive stress environment, again emphasizing the need for more practice at home.

    We were all squared away and eager to learn which made the class flow smoothly. Great bunch of warriors that made solid training partners. Payne’s natural instruction style helped us along with skill progressions; he backtracked if needed to get us all on same page. We hit all the lesson plans, plus a good deal of “extra” scenarios that provoked some great discussions and AARs.

    For any student wanting to fully test CRG skills this is the perfect course. Putting the skill sets together and then delivering against a moving, thinking adversary in different situations is priceless experience. Jon Payne delivers an outstanding instruction of Suarez International curriculum.

    Really enjoyed training with the Tribe and meeting new faces. ‘Till next time, gentlemen...

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    Great weekend of training . Once again,Jon did a great job instructing. For me this was all new material, and the pace of the class was challenging in the south Texas extremely humid enviorment. After Crg1 and Crg2 last year ( and a lot of practice in between ) this class brought it all together. If you want to test your skills , this is it!
    A Big thanks to Jon , Cullen and all my warrior training partners.

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    Just 4 weeks ago, I was in Jon Payne's CRG-2 Close Range Gunfighting class in Orange. It was good to see some of my classmates return for our next phase of training. The lessons that Jon taught us in that class was a great foundation to test ourselves in the crucible of Force-on-force, in ways that paper punching just cannot provide.

    There are two rewarding aspects to Force-on-force class.

    First, the curriculum is designed for the instructor to teach students why AND what to do to prevail in deadly encounters. These techniques are not from the competition world, but directly from those men who have been victorious against armed adversaries.

    Second, the students participate in the class to help their classmates learn the lessons, in ways that are impossible in the traditional shooting classes. I was thankful for the help I received from classmates. I enjoyed finding ways to help my classmates improve their skills as we worked the drills.

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    Here’s a few of the pics from this weekend. Everyone did a great job and gave 100% effort. These guys were able to “embrace the suck” and work way outside of their comfort zone.

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