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    Now some point from me.

    First, South Africa sucks. It is one of the worst countries I have visited and few European-Africans will tell you otherwise unless they have an agenda. And of all of Africa, SA is probably the best so what does that tell you. Arnold's security had their heads in their asses. He has plenty of coin to hire better people and I am not sure if he brought his own or was required to use locals.

    Two things I have seen in Africa, and I am not sure if that was the case here, are a hatred of white people and a fatalistic perspective by many who live there. "This is Africa" is a sort of shoulder shrug acceptance of the suck and that shit like this happens. Maybe it does happen, but it didn't happen in Los Angeles or Phoenix.

    Arnold is not a youngster but he is still quite fit. His muscle may have saved him from a bad injury. I didn't follow the event nor what happened to the kicker, but I bet not much. I would hope at the very least some broken bones from security, but alas, the days we live in.

    If you are a notable figure, even if you have security, pay attention to the 360. The only place you relax your guard is behind locked doors with a pistol on the nightstand.
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    I wasnít aware that had happened. Thanks for the post.

    I guess itís one example of how you can apply a flying kick.....

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    Dang, his security was definitely not paying attention. SA is indeed a shit hole but hey, it ain't Brazil or Venezuela.

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    I watched a longer video and that same DB that kicked Arnold came up to him from behind just prior to the kick and his "security" shooed him away. Um, Yeah his security had there heads up their asses. That DB put a lot of effort into his kick and Arnie was good at keeping his feet.
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    I would think a solid kick like that would
    be debilitating, to most anyone. I am
    sure his good physical condition even
    for his age, helped Arnold. But I am
    sure he'll be sore this am.

    Even if I wasn't the recipient, I would
    have wanted to stomp his ass on the

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    Apparently Arnold has opted NOT to prosecute the attacker. He reportedly says that he wants to keep the focus on the good parts of the event and not focus on the negative. Perhaps the real reason is "why bother". As late as 2016 South Afrika had a chance. I was there, I saw it surge to change. The funny thing is it was the socialists starting to push out the communists BUT the communists pushed back and took back power with a vengeance.

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    Why would you not be more vigilant traveling outside 'civilization'? I am not saying full on paranoia, just keep aware.
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    I definitely saw this as a security fail to prevent this. Their reaction was horrible too.

    The one guard pretty quickly got the assailant under control, but the other kind of just stood there.

    I would think immediately after an assault like that I would want to get my principal away from what might still be a dangerous area. At least get principal behind me.....

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    Damned lucky that Arnie didn't catch a shiv in the kidney.
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