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    Jul 2013
    Early results after 650 rounds so far on my Gen 5 Glock 48 evaluation.

    3 modifications: 1) iron sights; 2) smooth faced trigger shoe; 3) Ghost maritime firing pin spring cups.

    Zero stoppages, accurate barrel, great trigger, surprisingly soft and easy shooter.

    Slide finish already showing signs of wear, and MIM locking block already flaking with a sharp hot spot.

    Evaluation continues.

    600 of the rounds were Magtech 124 grain FMJ, 50 were Hornady Critical Duty 135 grain standard pressure. Gun has been cleaned, inspected, and lubed after each session.

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    Jul 2019
    Iíve pushed 4800 rounds through my 48 since new June 2 this year. I had one FTE early on, but thatís it. Itís been the most stable one Iíve ever owned. A dream to carry, light, accurate, better (and longer) barrel than a 19, great trigger. Awesome gun

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    Southern Oregon
    I bought mine a year ago and I love it. Never had any problems and my groupings with it is right on.

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