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    Default Licensed Amateur Radio Operators Data Base

    My husband and I would like to begin compiling a list of (WT) licensed amateur radio operators, their call signs, license grades and locations.

    Corinna KJ6DLU-Technician-Costa Mesa, CA
    Richard KJ6COU-General -Costa Mesa, CA

    We are primarily working 2m and 70cm at this time. Eventually, we will have our HF set up.

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    Al Lipscomb Guest
    Everything is in my sig line ;)

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    Mar 2009
    Central Florida
    George KJ4GZI - Technician - Orlando, FL

    I have a 2 meter HT planning to upgrade to General in the near future to get into HF
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    Dec 2007
    Between the Cross Barge and MacDill
    Charlie W4CDF Presently outside of Fort Bragg.
    General Class mostly 20 and 40 meter PSK

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    Nov 2004
    John, KE7IOF, Las Vegas, Extra
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    Nov 2007
    Eastern Oregon

    Default Just passed tech

    I have some other obligations this month but hope to test for general next month. NE OR approx 12 Mile south of WA

    Steve KF7GCG
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    Hope we meet in Prescott next year.

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    Jul 2004
    Las Vegas, NV
    KE7JSD - Technician - Las Vegas

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    Oct 2005
    Jared - KE7UIG - Queen Creek, AZ

    I run mainly 2M and 440cm but have 220cm and 6M capabilities as well. Just a HT right now.

    Coplin's, good to see some other Costa Mesa residents on here! Have you worked with Gordon West at all? I lived in CM for 25 years then moved out of state.
    I still get down there probably twice a year to see my parents and some siblings and friends.

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    Oct 2005
    I did my Tech license with Gordo. Corinna has met him but only had time to get her materials and sit the Tech test. Sadly, she hasn't to this point been able to really spend time with Gordo as I have. We live a couple of miles away from him and Susie.

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    Phil KK6PE
    Extra in CA
    Mostly I use 70cm and 2m. Have HF, and use a LOT of commercial radios. I have many IRLP/Echolink repeaters in my area.

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