Red flag laws (Extreme Risk Protection Orders) are, unfortunately, spreading accross the nation. According to a USA Today article ( 15 states, and Washington D.C., have said "yes", while another 21 have taken at least some steps toward adopting a so-called red flag law.

Many would agree, that with certain evidences, and/or witnessed behaviors, certain actions would be appropriate.

After watching the following video, I am not convinced that the actions by the LEO were appropriate. Other than not keeping his hands raised, as instructed by LEO, I did not see evidence that this man intended violence.

Based on the statements of one person, and nothing else, the individual gets the following:

Loss of freedom
Loss of legally owned firearms
Inability to buy firearms
Inability to buy ammo
Possible job loss (who wants to work next to the nut job who was arrested and featured on the news?)
Has to hire a lawyer to try to get his freedom, property, and property rights back. This may take a while.
If he still has a job, he will have to take time off to go to court. Possibly (likely) several times.

How much money, time, and suffering, will this cost this man?

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