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    Read what info has been made public and it should be easy to figure out why more details have not been released yet. The spin is already happening.

    Be safe out there.

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    A great amount of incorrect information is to be expected and not just because of reporting agendas. There are very few actual journalists. The vast majority of what is out there comes from re reporting existing material. The first information out is usually incorrect but still gets re reported.

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    It will be entertaining to have the proponents of the "no guns for the mentally ill" crowd twist themselves into knots over the trans-man issue in order to pacify the lgbtq lobby.

    I predict there will be no clarity to be found among the psychiatric profession, which has embraced the concept that mental illness (gender dysphoria) is actually "empowering".

    For some background, there is an interesting article about Dr. Paul McHugh who has a unique perspective on these issues:

    "The best-known, and most controversial, decision of his professional life is newly relevant—and recently reversed.

    In 1979, as psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, he shut down the Gender Identity Clinic, which performed sex-change operations. In his view, the hospital had "wasted scientific and technical resources and damaged our professional credibility by collaborating with madness rather than trying to study, cure, and ultimately prevent it," as he
    wrote in 2004

    In 1975 Johns Hopkins hired him as director of its Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science and the hospital’s chief psychiatrist. Hopkins was famous for pioneering sex-reassignment surgery: In the 1991 film "The Silence of the Lambs," Dr. Hannibal Lecter, played by Anthony Hopkins, refers to Johns Hopkins as one of the "three major centers for transsexual surgery."

    As department head, Dr. McHugh encouraged a colleague to conduct follow-up research on patients who had undergone sex-change operations. The results disturbed him. Although most of the patients "were reasonably satisfied with the change, they hadn’t any improvement in any of their psychosocial issues that were the whole reason for doing it in the first place."

    Worse, some of the patients became "suicidal and depressed and regretful." There was not enough good evidence to determine before the fact which candidates for surgery would fall into either group. With no way to predict which patients would be hurt by the operations, Dr. McHugh decided he could not allow them to continue. He says shuttering the clinic was a matter of adhering to the Hippocratic Oath and the scientific obligation to ground conclusions in empirical evidence.

    "Everybody should agree" that sex-reassignment surgery is "an experiment right now," he says. "We’re doing an experiment. We have lots of publications that are telling us that the evidence base for these treatments is very low-quality." There are "not enough subjects, not enough good results—not enough anything. Not enough comparisons . . . that would make it evidence-based."

    He says the Institutional Review Board should oversee all such surgery. It doesn’t.

    In 2017 the clinic was reopened as the Center for Transgender Health, performing what it now calls "gender-affirming surgeries." Its medical-office coordinator, Mellissa Noyes, told me "the demand is massive"...

    ...Dr. McHugh believes the Johns Hopkins clinic’s reopening was motivated by economic and political factors, not scientific evidence. The complicated operations are big moneymakers for hospitals. That the new department’s name uses the politically correct designation "transgender," not the clinical term "gender dysphoria," and refers to the surgeries as "gender affirming," seems to support the view that the doctors have formally embraced transgender ideology.

    Dr. McHugh does not believe surgery cures gender dysphoria. He thinks that condition, along with anorexia and body dysmorphia, is a "disorder of assumption," characterized by an "overvalued idea," or a ruling passion that "fulminates in the mind of the subject, growing more dominant over time, more refined, and more resistant to challenge," as he has written.

    In the case of anorexia, the overvalued idea is that it’s good to be thin. The primary goal of the psychiatrist ought to be to help the patient change behavior. The prevailing standard of care for sufferers of gender dysphoria—"affirmative care"—is the opposite: It calls for mental-health professionals to accept both a patient’s self-diagnosis of gender dysphoria and the corresponding behavior"

    Off topic: Interestingly, Dr. McHugh has a perspective on post traumatic stress responses that echoes the advice I have read from the experienced on this forum:

    'Dr. McHugh argues that the treatment of returning soldiers for the liberally applied PTSD diagnosis is another example of iatrogenesis. Such diagnoses are far rarer among Israel Defense Forces veterans, who experience plenty of trauma. Israelis "know that you can get a terrible psychological reaction out of a traumatic battle.

    And they do take the soldiers out, and they tell them the following: ‘This is perfectly normal; you need to be out of battle for a while. Don’t think that this is a disease that’s going to hurt you, this is like grief. You’re going to get over it, it’s normal. And within a few weeks, after a little rest, we’re going to put you back with your comrades and you’re going to go back to work.’ And they all do."

    By contrast, American psychiatrists say: " ‘You’ve had a permanent wound. You’re going to be on disability forever. And this country has mistreated you by putting you in a false war.’ They make chronic invalids of them. That’s the difference."

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    More on voter idiocy in Colorado. Going to have to exfil at some point .

    In every country where independence has taken the place of liberty, the first desire of a manly heart is to possess a weapon, which at once renders him capable of defence or attack, and, by rendering its owner terrible, often makes him feared- Alexandre Dumas

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    Quote Originally Posted by thewolverine View Post
    More on voter idiocy in Colorado. Going to have to exfil at some point .[/FONT]
    Go ask Alice...

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    Quote Originally Posted by thewolverine View Post
    More on voter idiocy in Colorado. Going to have to exfil at some point .[/FONT]
    Meh. As far as drug go, mushrooms are the least harmful.

    The ordinance just makes shrooms the lowest priority for LE, it doesn’t legalize them.

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    Yep- I get it. Unfortunately just more drivers I have to look out for driving on interstates here..
    In every country where independence has taken the place of liberty, the first desire of a manly heart is to possess a weapon, which at once renders him capable of defence or attack, and, by rendering its owner terrible, often makes him feared- Alexandre Dumas

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    Getting back to the shooting, some details are not very clear. It seems the students did capture one of the pair of killers and that a private security guard contracted by the school system captured another. The security guard may have not only fired his weapon, but may have done it in the direction of a responding LEO. It seems that the rapid response from students and onsite security guard saved a lot of lives. Responding LEOs at the moment are saying they did not shoot from what I have seen on the media.
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    Violent and illegal: Father of alleged STEM shooter arrested a lot and deported TWICE

    The politics of the accused shooters has been taboo in the media. Would it be that way if they'd worn MAGA hats?

    The two teenagers accused of opening fire on students at the STEM School Highlands Ranch, in Colorado, killing one and wounding eight others, are an 18-year-old apparent Democrat who hates Christians, and a 16-year-old transgender student.

    A school shooting is a horrible, tragic, evil outrage, but as sad as it is to acknowledge it happens often enough to use the word usually, we have to observe that usually a school shooting is nearly wall-to-wall news, particularly political, for days.

    However, in the Colorado shooting, during which a heroic teen boy sacrificed his life for others, has resulted in muted coverage, and some details aren't being discussed at all.

    The 18-year-old killer's politics, for example, merit little mention and haven't even deterred blaming Trump and Republicans, despite his antipathy toward both.

    In court, the 16-year-old white, transgender suspect asked that the court to use the pronoun "he", though the teen was born female and is listed as such in court records.

    These are, by the standards set by our media, relevant pieces of newsworthy information. And by anyone's estimation ought to be considered as part of the picture when asking what went wrong, and why.

    Another aspect that seems to be unworthy of cable news is the father of that student. The Daily Mail reports that Jose Evis Quintana, 33, has a long record. He spent 15 months in jail for domestic violence, and "menacing with a weapon." He has a long list of arrests from 2008-2017.

    Also, he was in the United States illegally through all that, and has been deported before. Twice. After being deported and returning illegally to the United States, Quintana was arrested as a violent fugitive, and while fighting extradition to New Mexico, ICE deported him a second time.

    These are, again, seemingly relevant facts. There are many, many more such inconvenient aspects to the profiles of the shooters.

    The students at the school, the victims and their families who suffered this horror, are not interested in the political maneuvering. Some walked out of a candlelight vigil after gun activists from Moms Demand Action and protesters attempted to make it a gun control rally. The actual students called it "disrespectful" and "inappropriate" in some cases. Others reacted more strongly, shouting "f--k the media" as they left in anger.

    A commendable reaction to the ghoulish appropriation of their mourning by crass opportunists and politicians.

    But usually, usually, the media want to know everything they can about a shooter. Does he wear a MAGA hat? What does her Facebook say? Are they pro-life? Do they watch Fox News?

    Not this time though. Even before the families told the activists to back off, the emerging picture -- that of an angry 18-year-old bully with a history of bashing Christians and Republicans and Trump, and the 16-year-old transgender teenage child of a violent, abusive parent who was in this country illegally -- wasn't the top story.

    You can respect the mourning, and you can believe in the importance of mental health over what policies govern objects that people purchase and possess, and yet still fairly ask why. Why so quiet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorkface View Post
    You can respect the mourning, and you can believe in the importance of mental health over what policies govern objects that people purchase and possess, and yet still fairly ask why. Why so quiet?
    The answer is really very simple. The Leftists, the Progressives, the secularists, and the closet Marxists have a greater agenda. Truth is not a feature for them. The fact that this act of terrorism was perpetrated by some of their own is erased from the rhetoric as they busily pursue an opportunity to advance their greater agenda.

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