I will second the advice to stay in Utah

NC/Raleigh has has gone down the tubes ever since Money Mag said it was the best place to live like 10+ yrs ago. They call Cary the "Containment Area for Relocated Yankees" lol
I almost fell for the sirens song back before the eco/housing collapse. Im surely glad I didnt make that move...Id be underwater for sure.

If you're determined to come east Id look hard at upstate SC or TN. NC is a little funky with gun laws I think and SC taxes are less and cost of living is overall less. Lots of people live across the line and commute to Charlotte.

Personally myself Im living the "Best Place to Live in the USA" mess. Houses going up all over and traffic is FUBAR in Xburb. We will cash in when its time to pull the cord tho since our place is pretty nice and fairly new and isnt built on a postage stamp like all the $800K houses going up....