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    Perhaps to celebrate capitalism you could sell us his email address. Charge just enough to cover the transaction fees and put a little something in your pocket.

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    Some people just don't get it, until it gets them.

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    I work pretty hard for my shit, it makes no since why I would give it away to someone. Maybe I’m stupid and not seeing the benefit. As far as just stupid local voted in taxes deliberately for certain projects like roadwork, nothing ever happeneds. They collect and want every dollar from you to spend it on stuff that will never improve your life. Why anyone would willingly give their money up with no Benifit makes no since to me at all. People ask me sometimes, are you paying taxes(like it’s any of their fucking business). Like I said maybe I’m stupid and don’t get it......
    Nothing says Fuck You like a shotgun.....

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    Probably one of those who thinks they should pay MORE taxes, yet accepts the tax refund every year. Lacking the understanding that the roll up in April is NOT your total tax bill.

    (Geez, if you REALLY believe in paying more taxes, go ahead, cut the Treasury a check of the amount of your choosing, they won't say no!)

    Good on you Gabe, some folks never accept that taxes are enforced by force, they are not voluntary.

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    Get lost commie loser. Who knows who he really was. Reminds me of ChicagoPD sniffing around all that time. Nail any GAGE unit types lately, Chief?
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    "Public employee unions are an inherently seditious construct"
    "If you see something, say something... so we can call you a racist!"
    "Zen? Meh! Who needs it? All that effort to achieve nothingness and what do you got? Bupkis!

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    Yeah us productive capitalists shouldn't be taking from Obama's stash...

    (For anyone that's wondering look up "Obama's stash"- it's where his voters believe the government's money comes from, it's a good laugh)

    I wonder how many people still don't understand that the government doesn't produce anything...

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