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Thread: 357 Sig

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    Good shooting. But I have a very hard time believing those numbers. WWB with 125gr at 1800+? I don’t buy it. Something wrong with the chrono perhaps.

    Yondering and I only got 1800+ using Underwood 115gr out of an 11” Mechtech.

    Out of a 6” Glock, we got right around 1700.

    I don’t remember the numbers we got for the 125gr (Underwood and a couple other hot brands), but it wasn’t as fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EDELWEISS View Post
    I really like 357Sig. It made 200yd "body shots" easy. We were using my G35 with a SI RMR side to shoot at a 2x8 (half sheet of plywood). I have no idea how hard the rounds hit at that distance but it was comforting to know hitting was easily possible. Sure its possible to do that with other pistol cartridges; but 357SIG did it with minimal adjustments.

    I do worry that 357SIG has fallen in popularity. Its harder to find, even at well stocked gun shops. I stocked up and I know its still available online.
    It is available, just costs more in my experience. For practice shooting I purchased a used oem barrel at SI for $50 can shoot 40 in mine. Brass if you reload is more available in 40 and I have a .22 upper for it.
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    I've a rare HK USP 357 sig that i'm going to dump on GB.. then RMR my G35 and put a 357 barrel in it.

    While i "know" that statistically there's no difference between 9,40,&45. I can't help but think there's something to the 357 sig or the 135gr 10mm doing 1600fps. The problem is finding volunteers....Maybe some Minnesota Somali's with hammers? I could go visit my sister...

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