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    Thanks for the advice guys. Can anyone recommend the best handstop for these? I will def send my barrel in when funds allow for porting!

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    You don’t want a hand stop on this gun. For one thing, it will be very uncomfortable when you shoot it. Grip it tightly at the rear of the handguard. When ported and using correct technique and ammo (Fed #4 buck is gentle), you will find it is easy. And should your hand slip anyway, there’s enough handguard you have plenty of room. The handguard is also an effective stop by itself. And if you order the SI tube extension, the sling loop is yet another speed bump.

    But this is not an issue if shooting it correctly.
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    You don't need a hand stop or a muzzle break. You need barrel porting. Trust me. :) Read my port thread a few times.
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    The magazine extension and sling mount are first for me already. I like using 3” shells in it. Been practicing with #4 buck 41 ball and #1 24 ball. I love the patterns it throws with the good buffer shot at 30m
    I intend for this to be a long distances back packing tool in Idaho near my parents cabin. Near Yellowstone lots of big bears. As well as something for ready access in the home to defend the family
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    I second the porting recommendation. I recently posted as well regarding this. I had my 14" for quite a while before getting Gabe's ported barrel, with a wink at that other post THAT was a game changer.

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