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    Default How to Make Yourself Hard to Kill, According to a Special Operator

    How to make yourself hard to kill, according to a special operator is a good article. He says "I try to be as strong as I can. All the time. I just want to be the strongest guy out there. That's my number one goal. Then it's cardio and mobility. Seriously, that's it."

    That pretty much boils it down to the basic tenets and Gabe is always saying this too. The writer talks about building real world useful strength, not cool moves and parlor tricks. He says we all like the underdog, but the stronger man usually wins.

    I do like to run, bike and swim and the mental toughness that brings, but weights are the most important and I need to keep that at the priority of my workouts. I did have to train distance swimming lately though, my kids and I are swimming Alcatraz and the Golden Gate for the 4th time this weekend.

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    Interesting read. Good luck to y’all on your swim-a-thon this weekend.

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    It's almost like Gabe, Sua, and myself know a little something about what we're talking about.
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    Yep. Being strong is useful.
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    Or just be a criminal.

    Few organisms are harder to kill than a couch-surfing meth head petty thief.

    We call it the Worm Theory.

    Sorry-couldn't resist.
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    Sounds a lot like Wendler too. 5/3/1 plus hill sprint/prowler work is about right

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    Enjoyed the article.

    Cheers, Bosco

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