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    Default Keto Question (Noobie) - Do I Need to Eat All My Carbs

    I'm looking for a bit of keto advice. I just started a keto diet about 2 weeks ago. Should I make it a point to eat all of the carbs even if I am feeling good without them. It'd be easy enough to grab a handful of nuts or fruit/veggies to get them. Thoughts?

    Additional info: Currently, I am just trying to lose weight. My target goals for macros are 70% Fat (159g), 25% Protein (128g), and 5% Carbs (26g) - 2042 calories. I am feeling good so far and not hungry. I am getting my fats and proteins, but I am not always getting all my carbs.
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    No, try to eat none that are carb type food. Look, ain’t nobody got time for all that counting BS. Make it simple - meat, cheese, veggies, coffee, water, tea. Everything that isn’t one of those, don’t eat. If you eat out ever, you have no clue what’s in something sugar wise. Omelettes at IHOP have pancake batter added. Don’t sweat the details, just eat nothing sugary or starchy. See list a few sentences back, eat that and nothing else. When the weight is where you want, and your workouts are taxing (you are lifting and sprinting, right?) you add carbs on heavy workout days and none on days off.

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