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    Default I just had to eat some crow. Glock 48 flavored crow.

    When it came out I dismissed the Glock 48 for lack of magazine compatibility. I bought one for my ten year old son because it fits his hands. Well we finally got enough magazines to properly use the damn thing and I'll admit to being impressed. I ran the hell out of it, about 700 rounds and I love the way if feels in my hand. Needless to say I bought me one. It's not going to work. The 34 and 26 still come to work, but I see it getting not at work carry time. So yes I ate some serious crow, because I did not want to like it.

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    I said the exact same thing!!!! Fits in the hand like money. I wasn't a fan of the two-tone or the platform specific magazines....but a situation arose where I took the plunge. Great blaster.

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    If the 15 round metal magazines that are coming out for it work, then it will really be something. Equal in capacity to a G19, and still able to take a Street Comp and an RMR (with a Suarez slide).
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