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    Many? Some? yeahbut if FNH ceases production it is over. I’ll let my estate handlers worry about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catalina View Post
    Many? Some? yeahbut if FNH ceases production it is over. Iíll let my estate handlers worry about it.
    They have been sold to the police or military forces of many countries so likely FN has some commitment to maintaining parts and related services.
    The first military organization to adopt the Five-seven was the Cypriot National Guard (Greek: Εθνική Φρουρά), which purchased 250 pistols in May 2000 for its special forces group.[1] By 2009, the Five-seven was in service with military and police forces in over 40 nations throughout the world.
    In the United States, the Five-seven is currently used by over 300 law enforcement agencies, including the U.S. Secret Service.[21][67] Military and law enforcement organizations using the Five-seven include
    The biggest user listed on Wiki was 12,000 in Saudi Arabia. These are not huge numbers and it is possible FN could drop support of civilian owned weapons at their choosing. I do not know FN's reputation for support under such conditions.
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    I am not in the business to make something cool that will be seen and go viral and then sell five of the stupid things while the other 9,995 gather dust. Case in point was the magwells for the Glock 45 Pistols. Ostensibly more of those than the 5.7, yet I discontinued them when they sold out because no matter how much some people go orgasmic over a 45 ACP, there are not enough to justify production time that could be used for 9mm stuff. Much the same can be said for the 5.7. When there are at least a million of them and they are as common as Glocks...maybe. Sorry...I don't see the profit.
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