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I am curious about length (and therefor weight) not being a criteria. In my experience, 5.56 will never be quiet to shoot. Ever. Especially out of a short barrel.

Personally, I am interested in signature reduction and being able to touch off a few rounds indoors without destroying comms by deafening everyone around me and shaking their fillings loose. For me, that has lead me to smaller cans like the AAC Mini-4. Having shot the Mini-4, M4-2000, and a Saker Sandman-K at night, I can definitely say that the mid-sized vs mini/K cans do a better job with flash and are a little less boomy. All the same, I haven't been down range of any of these while in darkness in order to actually try to locate the shooters. Either way, for my money, and especially on an SBR, I'm going with a mini can.

I also view cans as large investments where a few extra sheckels saved & spent are worth the investment.

I am interested to hear which one you end up with.
FWIW, if money is not an object the Delta P Brevis line is probably as good as it gets if you want short but with good performance. It's hard to find much meter data but all user reports I've seen indicate that people love them and they perform noticeably better than longer alternatives.