The road to perfection started with a Remington 870 PGO (pre Tac-14) with 18" barrel. I intentionally made changes in stages so I could test effects of each modification. First changes were to add a Shockwave grip and Remington 14" barrel to make it into Tac-14 configuration. Next step, the gun was sent to Gabe's crew to perform the transformation into an Amphibian, plain barrel, fiber optic bead sight. The Amphibian package made a capable weapon so much more effective. The barrel porting in particular worked much better than I anticipated. I could have been satisfied with the weapon at this point except I know it could be better. I needed an RMR so back to SI to have a mount installed. Shazam, now we're talking perfection: Amphibian with 7MOA amber RMR sight. Head shots with slugs 50yds and beyond, how could it get any better?

Being a trained investigator and inquisitive sort I like to do my own testing, and I tend to ask questions that get me into trouble. Like what about a folding brace? A brace might cause the Amphibian to loose some of its lightweight handling characteristics. What about recoil characteristics? Only one way to know for sure. So next addition is a folding brace with an SOB brace. Installation simple, fit and finish great.

Recoil was still the big question. My impression after the first shot was what recoil. As a leo in the 90's I've had my share of experience with riot guns, but this is definitely a different animal. The brace in concert with the ported barrel makes a very manageable weapon. My initial testing was with standard field loads not reduced recoil loads. Recoil impulse seemed straight back and lighter than with a riot gun. Aimed rapid fire was as fast as I could work the action.

While the brace changes the balance of the weapon it is nowise a negative. While I still like the Stakeout configuration, the brace is definitely an improvement. While I'm not generally a shotgun guy, this has become one of my favorite weapons.
Sure it would have been easier to just buy the complete package but by testing each change I have a much better understanding of how each modification works. Besides when I started this journey the Stakeout and Pointman packages weren't available yet.