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    Tuesday, March 26, 2019

    Rise and rise again
    Until lambs become lions

    - Robin Hood Movie (2010)

    Terror is a "normal part of life" some have said. And that statement may not be inaccurate. The process usually follows in this way. "Thoughts and prayers" are posted on social media. Religious groups make a show of solidarity. Everyone holds hands, lights candles, and weeps. Then the inevitable placement of blame and dialog on prevention. Who commits such acts? Well, its no secret requiring a government funded study. It is either the purview of crazy people (the psychologists and psychiatrists will forgive me), or the work of religious/political extremists. In New Zealand, apparently its everyone's fault and most of the country will now be unarmed or criminals. Something the left in every nation seeks as one closer step to total Venezuelan-esque control.

    But lets take a moment and really take a serious look at prevention of such situations. Quickly the talk turns to adding police and armed guards everywhere, creating safety screenings, building tall fences and fortifying everything. All the fearful nod at this sort of thing as the responsibility is placed elsewhere. There is usually a big surge of this sort of thing immediately after an event like this. But you know what happens? Keeping up a high level of security is expensive and requires a great degree of focus.

    Administrators eventually begin to shrink at the bill from the city, or the security company. And then patron, parishioners, shoppers, and others stop coming because going becomes a pain in their now very secure asses. They get tired of the checkpoints, and random searches, and opt to stay home instead. Or (gasp) go to a less "secure and invasive" place. Empty churches, schools, and shopping malls defeat the purpose of them being there in the first place which is building profits. (Yes, Virginia...even churches, temples and mosques need to make money).

    As time passes...sometimes just a few weeks for westerners with poor memories, they convince themselves that "precipitating event" was so long ago, and that things are now different. Such extreme security measures are expensive and tiresome and no longer necessary. Besides, those big muscular guys with the earpieces frighten the ladies at the church tea service. And as a wilting flower, things go back to their normal state of wishful hoping that nothing bad happens.

    Or, just as bad, they check off the box. One large church I visited recently had no security team. Instead, they paid one rather well-fed Deputy to sit in his car in the parking lot during service. I casually asked the Pastor who is a "friend of a friend" and he candidly told me that was all his insurance company allowed. Do any of the readers think that McDeputy is going to do anything to stop a character like the shooter in NZ?
    Here is the reality of things. Nobody will ever be able to prevent an event like this with laws. Nor will they be able to maintain a preventative security posture indefinitely unless they are motivated and funded. Moreover, as much as some wish it, evil men will not disappear from the earth. Nor will firearms ever disappear from the earth. Both are here to stay and in large numbers. But there is something that can be done. It is really simple, but it will be the hardest thing to accomplish because it requires a change in the paradigm of modern life. It is a simple thought process.

    • You are on your own. No matter if you are a soccer mom or a retired soul snatcher. No matter what they promise you, nobody is ever coming to help you in time.
    • Site security will fluctuate with the collective will, but your attention to your own security must not. If that means breaking the rules, then get good at breaking rules.
    • No matter what you think, you will not be able to maintain focus and attention everywhere and at all times. But you can generally plan for those times with general practices.

    On September 10, 2001, the paradigm of action on an airplane was to sit quietly, don't be a hero, and allow the professionals to solve the problem. Worst case, you got a free Mojito in Havana before your return flight. But today? How many stories do we have of passengers not waiting for the professionals and knocking the shit out of would-be terrorists on airplanes since then? Different times require different perspectives.

    If it became a common thing for the ostensibly helpless intended victims to rise up and shoot the terrorist to pieces, I expect we would see fewer and fewer of these events. If the lambs became lions, fewer terrorists would consider them as victims.
    Gabriel Suarez

    Turning Lambs into Lions Since 1995

    Suarez International USA Headquarters

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    I am alway amazed at the total lack of personal responsibllty to want to protect one’s self, family and community by learning and training with the very instruments that will be needed in that moment. Instead the masses deflect to some agency or government figure to design some complicated strategy.

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    I call this mindset of leaving your safety and security in the hands of other people or tools-Arms Length Security.

    People want to feel secure and safe but don`t want to come near anything that remotely sounds like Self Defence. Disgusted by violence and mortified by the idea of having to put their hands on another human being to save their live or that of a loved one. Believing that all forms of violence are the same and can`t grasp the difference between the violence that the rapists uses to force himself undo his victim and the violence that his intended victim uses to prevent herself from being raped for example. Simply that violence=bad or wrong.

    They will carry a can of Pepper-Spray. Feeling comfortable with the idea that they won`t hurt their attacker, again keeping him at arm`s length and believing that he will drop down helpless at their feet with one tiny spray. Women keeping it at the bottom of their bag and for a weird reason that I don`t understand men keep it in their car, under the drivers seat. In both cases not within reach when they need it.

    For them this is it. Done and dusted. They have a 'plan' and feel safe. They are not interested in layering their defence-Adding carrying a Blade or taking a Combatives class.

    Unfortunately for most even a can of Pepper- Spray is to much of an inconvenience and they want to take another step or two away from the violence. They are looking for that one quick solution that solves all their self defence needs in one fell swoop-That Magic Silver Bullet. For example wearing a panic button around their necks that summons an Armed Response Unit to their home.

    Or the feel that it is enough to harden their home, for example a security gates and lights. Believing that this will be enough to scare any intruder away and act as a deterrent.

    NOTE What I have found interesting living in a apartment building for awhile now that has both a security gate and lights is that it seems to make people more reckless and careless. Elderly residents come home late at night after visiting family and friends, again believing that the gates and lights has magic properties. That once they arrive home and are behind the gate and under the protection of the lights that nothing can happen to them.

    My neighbors also think that me and Mom are over the top for adding security bars in front of our windows and adding a safety door to our front door. Not putting all our trust in the gate which is often out of order anyway. Due to power failures and mechanical problems. There are also places along the walls that are not all equipped with metal spikes and the walls are low enough at those points to enable an intruder to climb the wall without to much trouble.

    For these reasons we keep the security door locked at all times. On the other hand our neighbors front doors are always open.

    I explained our reasons for being diligent with our security door in the beginning when we first moved in ever time somebody told me to keep the door open. That it is a smart idea to have as many barriers as you can between yourself and the attacker. Making his job harder.

    I soon got tired of explaining myself and now simply lock the door and change the subject.

    The last group I could have added to Cabe`s personality types. If I just think happy thoughts and don`t think about it bad things won`t happen to me.


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