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    Default Ancient advice on Mindset - Nothing is New

    If you don't read CDR Salamander, you're missing out of great discussion of naval and international military topics. Every Friday, he has a feature called Fullbore Friday, celebrating records of historic (usually Naval) badassery. Here's part of today's entry:

    It's been about nine years since I finished Xenophon's Anabasis on audio and it still sticks with me.

    Almost 2,400 years old and its lessons on leadership are timeless. There is really nothing new under the sun.

    This observation, also, I have laid to heart, that they, who in matters of war seek in all ways to save their lives, are just they who, as a rule, die dishonorably; whereas they who, recognizing that death is the common lot and destiny of all men, strive hard to die nobly: these more frequently, as I observe, do after all attain to old age, or, at any rate, while life lasts, they spend their days more happily.
    Armed Puritan

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    Interesting, real good read, added it to my favorites, thanks.

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