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The Pathetic Life-force Vampire
Once upon a time, you were nice to a person because you felt sorry for them. Maybe they were slow, handicapped, lonely or what have you. You bought them lunch, drove them to church or the store. Maybe you had them over for dinner. Next thing you know, like a lamprey, they were latched on and sucking the emotional life right out of you. Frequent calls. Requests for attention. On and on and on. You tried to maintain some distance but they were so needy that they couldn't stay away. And the only thing that kept you from sending them packing as long as you did was that they had no one else and it took a while to made up your mind about which is worse, a guilty conscience or the continual irritation.

Had a particularly nasty one in the family until XO and I just stopped dealing with her. When we see her at family functions all she gets is a disinterested greeting. Works really well and XO and I are quite happy we stopped cutting family slack.

Removing toxic individuals is like ditching high-carb, takes a bit of getting used to but definitely better for the health.