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    Been a long time since I posted here but I did want to give credit where it is due.

    Today, off duty I responded to an alarm very close to my home. The locals I called responded quickly, normally they run single officers in vehicles, and in the time it took to get boots on and grab my Evo they arrived.

    Unbeknownst to me, it was a double crew, one on FTO. So when I arrived across the lot and ID'd we proceeded to clear the structure.

    They both commented how nice the Evo was for in close work. And they asked why I had it vs. my Tavor or any other of my toys. I replied, it's a 9mm, it wont shoot through your vests if it get up close and have bouncers off the floors or walls . And it hits plenty hard at 10 feet.

    So the locals liked it and were making noise about them being a good idea for exactly what we were doing.
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