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    Default Co-Witness on AR shoulder weapons

    I do not see much mention about Co-Witness on AR shoulder weapons.

    There was a recent thread on

    RMR vs AimPoint On an AR

    And RPG stated
    Trijicon has released a quick release mount for the RMR - full co-witness or lower 1/3. I have the full co-witness on my Angstadt UDP-9 and am very pleased. Very strong and light.
    Does Co-witness has a place for the AR that has aperture rear sights? I just do not see much mention of it. Co-witness with open sights does work well on my glock and AK with red dot sights?

    I see it being most useful at close ranges and then out to 200 yards. At longer ranges magnified optics are needed.

    Any thoughts on this? Beside RPG has anyone else set up an AR with co-witness?
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    Ive seen it done plenty but I don’t like it. With a quality red dot (on a long gun) the iron sights are a backup and having them constantly in the sight picture is a hinderance to the wide FOV you get with a red dot.

    On an AK or handgun it just is what it is but because the AR gives you the option of flip up sights I see no reason to have them constantly there.
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    My BUIS/Backup Iron Sights do cowitness with my Aimpoint PRO; lower 1/3 matter of fact. Most of the time I keep them folded. I just taught a Patrol Rifle Course for our Dept. We qualify from 50 to 10 yards. At ten yards one string calls for 3 rounds in 2 seconds. During demo/practice I managed three A zone hits in .51 seconds. I was pleased with myself.
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    I think absolute vs lower 1/3rd co witness is more of a concern with a fixed front sight. Since my irons are really just back up only, they stay folded. So, the main useful difference I see in mount heights is in the relative cheekweld one gets.
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    I like a RDS to co-witness on Short/PDW rifles (AR type pistols).

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    All my ARs with red dots are absolute co witness. As my back up irons are folding, they stay folded out of the way. Lower third usually means a taller optic mount or shorter irons.

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    I have fixed front sights and fold down rear sights
    on all of my AR's, with either red dots or magnified
    optics. The fixed front & rears are both a complete
    non-issue with or without both eyes open for the red
    dots, and ghosted out at anything over 2 or 3x for
    the variable optics.

    I personally consider an firearm with an optic that
    does not have co-witness irons, a range toy, and I
    don't have any of those.

    400 yards is almost effortless with my RDS carbines
    & AR pistols in 5.56 from a braced position.
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    My Aimpoint Micro does co-witness with my iron sights using a Quick Disconnect LaRue Tactical Aimpoint Micro Mount, (LT751). ─ Both of my iron sights (front and rear) fold down when not in use, so I get no obstruction when using the Aimpoint.
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    I watched an interesting video by Guns& Gear.Where he used just the rear sight and the red dot as the Ghost ring sight.I believe the red dot was turned off.Anybody ever hear of that.

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    Guns & Gear!!!???

    Wow....lets do it...
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