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    1). A rifle has a stock...a pistol does not.

    2). The things that are required on a pistol are not the same as what is necessary on a rifle.

    3). Iron sights must be cowitnessed to the red dot. That is essential. Those that say otherwise don't know what they don't know.

    4). Once the irons are cowitnessed. THEY ARE TO BE FOLDED DOWN AND OUT OF THE WAY.

    5). Don't have fold down capable back up cowitness sights? Wake the f*ck up its 2019 not 1999.
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    I think offset sights have taken center stage, here. Rationale:

    "I want co-witnessed iron sights so that if my primary optic dies, I can switch to them".

    That's great and makes sense...

    ...especially if you're using Eotech or something. In that case, run them up 100% of the time/use fixed. Co-witness is for you.
    ...but not so much if you're using a LPVO, or prefer to keep them folded. #1, you cannot co-witness irons through an LPVO of course, and #2, if things are so super urgent that you "need to get in the fight again right then", you aren't going to have time to be flipping them up, anyways. Use the offsets, or if you're doing something that up close that you cannot take cover, etc. roll the gun to the side and aim along the rail, or use the tube (if clear) of your optic like a big ghost ring. These are not ideal, but they will get you cooking a lot faster than dicking around with folded down irons.

    This goes along the same lines of the QD optic craze. People created a weak-point in the system for the sake of a fantasy scenario with no bearing on reality, in many cases.

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    I have AR's with fold down front and rear back up sights. Those sights stay down unless I want to use them.

    I have AR's with fixed front sights/bases with fold down rear sights. The rear sight stays down unless I want to use it.

    I have AR's with 1X4 scopes. All of those allow me to set the scope to 1X and flip up the sights and aim "through" the scope.

    I have one AR with a 1X6 scope. I cannot set that one to 1X and aim through the scope. POI, even at 25 yds., is about 8 or 10" high/left of POA (something screwy in the scope, but I don't know what. Works fine as a scope.

    I have AR's with scopes that won't allow me to aim through them (3X12, 4X12, 3X9, etc.) Scopes got to come off to use the back up sights.

    I will say the one thing I won't compromise on is that the scope has to be set up to allow me use the same cheek weld for both scope/optic/back up sights. If the scope/mount won't allow me to my nose on the charging handle I replace the scope mount with one that will (usually the higher power scopes and they have to be moved forward - cantilever scope mount that allows the scope to move farther forward in the rings vs. where the mount attaches to the rail on the receiver.)

    Why do you carry a handgun?

    Why do you carry a knife?

    Why do you carry spare magazine(s)?

    Why do you train?

    Just in case you need to use them.

    Same for the BUIS. Just in case.

    And, folded down there is less chance of damaging them or knocking them out of adjustment.
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    As Gabe said above, I like flip up sights that are 100% cowitness. This allows me to ensure that my scope hasn't been knocked out of zero just by popping them up and checking and then putting them back down. As also said above I don't want to have to change my cheek-weld between the two if I have to transition to irons. I have the same thoughts about 45* offset sights but as they can fill a different role (close range shooting with a higher magnified optic) they still have utility.
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