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    Default A GUNFIGHT

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    Don't know if he got what he was looking for. He did get what he asked for.

    When you start down that "road" to emptying you pistol into a car/at a target, how often do you lose sight/awareness of everything around you.

    Would you be better off to get off 2, or even 3 rounds, and MOVE, to give you time/position to check out the surroundings?

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    I acknowledge that I am likely to get roasted - so be it - I give her an A+. She aggressively closed distance and aggressively, professionally and rather calmly killed the bad guy. I like her choices. Could she have fired 2-3 rounds - sure - and then she would have to start back from square 1 - instead she had an advantage and pressed the advantage - eliminating the threat decisively.

    Now - if I were to be critiquing the BAD GUYS - I would have to say - what were you thinking? Better options for them would have been:

    1. Step on the gas - you are sitting in a stationary cage with poor visibility.
    2. Exit the vehicle on the far side and get to fighting - using the vehicle as cover as the officer was out in the open and had no cover.

    However - I am very grateful that the bad guys in question were dumbasses who got what they deserved.

    To view this encounter and go back and watch it several times, and think and consider over several minutes - in order to come up with something she might have done wrong - Sorry - I can’t do that as a form of critique on her actions....

    We can do it in order to learn from this experience and better ourselves - that is a good thing - but I still say she did great.

    Bring on the flames gentlemen....

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    My take is that he wanted to die. The fact that he looked at her face instead of where he was aiming tells me that. I think he purposely missed. Otherwise, he would have her through the window as she was coming around the back.
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    Movement kept her alive and no hesitation as soon as she had a good opportunity. She even did real good on the radio as far as I’m concerned, I probably would have waited until after. But that was time management if I have ever seen....:)

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    Related to other discussions we're having....Imagine that a homeowner is talking to some guy parked on his back 40. Now, just how useful is that gun camera?

    Back to this, she did fine. I'd take calls with her.

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    Quick but not too quick..... And god damn she dumped that mag like she trained with Suarez...

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    I will point out though, she let him have too much control and comfort. The one thing I did notice is his hands, she should have controlled that better. “Hands on the fucking steering wheelor I will shoot you” is pretty damn universal...But regardless he still would have went for his gun, it just may have given her a few more seconds to react.

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    Its not clear what the LEO was looking at or for, when she was still on the passenger side, & the camera observed the decedent clearly reaching down with his right hand...I take it she didn't see that...too bad, as that was a very strong signal, IMO.

    The second really strong signal was the decedents failure to follow the very first command given from the drivers side.

    Glad she prevailed.
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    Not bad at all. You got rounds, use 'em. She was moving and she was ready. Pretty good voice control in the transmission. I suspect his reaching down is what prompted her draw, but don't know for certain.

    You can hear the knucklehead yammering as she's unloading from the passenger side. No habla, homie.
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