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    1) Why confine/pin yourself between two vehicles? Set the pieces on the chess board to your advantage.

    2) H to H skills?

    3) Officer gets flanked.

    4) Officer should be thankful that BG # 2 (oops my pants are coming down) "appears to have no shooting skills".
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    Echo what NV28 said, with this addition: From the officer's actions before BG #2 appeared with a weapon, it appears he was attempting to gently escape BG #1 without injuring him, who apparently had no similar compunction. Why didn't the officer punch him in the solar plexus, stomp on his foot, throw him on thr ground, [insert other immediately and persuasively violent action here] as soon as he got handsy during the patdown? Fortunately he moved much faster later on, and that saved his life. But at the outset, his position and then reactions put him solidly behind the 8 ball.

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    I'm not even going to spend any time on the fact that his placement for conducting the investigation was bad to start with, but I will say that he is a product of the same thing that is affecting a lot of LEO's these days when it comes to situations going physical.

    With todays holsters being what they are compared to 15 years ago and more, LE needs to start spending more time on physically neutralizing the predator and less time on being a punching bag and grappling partner while they (LEO) is giving 95% of his attention to weapon retention. Keep the gun side away and start breaking and tearing stuff...worry about everything else afterwards. Too many good guys are worrying about getting in *trouble* for *hurting* the bad guy. That is a mindset that is getting LEO's hurt and worse because they are literally too afraid to hurt the bad guys. At best...they are struggling to keep a "survivor's" mindset versus a "warrior's" mindset. Just my opinion, as I could be wouldn't be the first time.

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    All of the above, plus the LEO didn't have BG1 turned and 'in the position' for the pat-down. Why go face on for a pat-down?

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    Quote Originally Posted by P.D. View Post
    All of the above, plus the LEO didn't have BG1 turned and 'in the position' for the pat-down. Why go face on for a pat-down?
    I hesitated to comment as I am not a LEO but I wondered the same thing myself... Face to face and then you let the dude get up above you and still don't react? Is he doing a pat-down or giving a BJ?
    How is he supposed to keep an eye on BG#2 with BG#1 up in his face?
    All my respect to LEO's out there... You have an incredibly difficult and dangerous job and one mistake can be your last.

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    Ok, just Joe Civvy here, but why get into the pat down with a 2nd uncontrolled dude in the car? I'm not sure what the right way is to handle 2:1, but setting yourself up proactively pinned between vehicles seems like a non-starter too.

    I assume there is a protocol/suggested way to get each occupant restrained in a way if you are a lone LEO, or hold in overwatch and await back up?

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    Itís hard to tell from the video but I donít think the cop was doing a pat down. It looked like he wanted the suspect to assume the position to do a pat down and the suspect was refusing and the cop was just pusillanimous in trying to persuade suspect #1 to comply. He had zero H2H skills and lots of luck was on his side...this time. More of a lamb, not a lion. He could have easily been shot in the back of the head when wrestling with suspect #1 and suspect #2 had a gun and literally was waiting for him at the back of the vehicle. He should buy a lottery ticket.
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    It is what the three previous posters to me just said. I might add that cop could eat less fried take out food and doughnuts and train a bit also. Lucky to be alive.
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