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    For the last few months I have been studying how to destroy large and/or dangerous game and I came across and article buy a guy that has been hunting a long long time. He was talking about bear encounters and how to deal with them as well as their frequency. The important part was he knew encounters were much higher then reported because many times bears would be put down and then just not reported because of the hassle, paperwork and problems with game wardens and such.

    The construction of the slug used is also very important. The basic 1 oz slugs that are all over aren't the best choice. A Brenneke slug or similar is more the order of the day. In the second video Gabe posted the guy is using a 600 grain, heavy for caliber, 3" slug. Depending on the terrain someone might only get one shot before they have teeth and muscle on them and can't ensure a head shot for sub optimal projectiles.
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