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Their insistence on collecting taxes --- extortionate "paying your 'fair share' taxes" --- is undeniable evidence that their motivation isn't making things "fair."

It's all about destroying the "rich" --- whatever that means this week. Own two pairs of shoes? Next month you might well be the rich devil in need of social justice. Justice in the form of government robbery of everything you've earned and owned if you're lucky. Or your 24" of space, kneeling on the edge of a roadside ditch, next to the other kulaks, if the socialists think they can get away with it.
Well maybe its reeeeeely about destroying some of the rich. Bernie wont be asked to give up two of his three houses and take in borders in the other, so everyone has everything equal. The millionaire dems want your money but they sure wont be giving up their money....and when they talk about real equality, I gotta wonder when any of the eleeeeete dems last did house work or even made their beds in the morning.

Its not about equality; its about regime change and they'll sacrifice as many true believing peasants to get it