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    Default Isis almost militarily defeated still has substantial funds

    Isis almost militarily defeated still has substantial funds
    Part of the war involves trying to shutdown ISIS money sources for obvious reasons. At times their income has been a million a day from oil and taxation from areas that they controlled. Link discusses this.
    The Arabs have a special system for the transfer of funds that facilitates the movement of ISIS money.

    All ISIS Has Left Is Money. Lots of It.
    Even without a physical state, the Islamic State can still fund its main product: political violence.
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    The money transfer system is MUCH broader than Arabic.
    I live in the country that is probably the target of the Caribbean reference ...Trinidad and Tobago
    The hawala system is an established and legit parallel system based on the Islamic belief that makes INTEREST on money is taboo.
    Therefore the normal system of banking and finance is not open to those of the faith....which is not to say that it is only open to muslims.

    Any infraction to try to regulate the system in terms of source of funds is met with a Constitutional Challenge. Freedom of Religion etc

    Its a big problem because the majority of transactions are legit but the structure of the system is PERFECT for laundering money,smurfing cash into the international corridors and as described in the article.
    You cant stop the illegal stuff without impinging heavily on legit activity.

    Less than 1% of our population is Arabic associated, while they are dominant in business...they are not associated with Islam in any real way.

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