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    A communist state north of the Potomac.
    Surgeons cut, lawyers sue, accountants make you pay, obese people eat, killers shoot. Itís what they do.

    If you have health care needs, you need to be inform yourself. You have to live with the results. Choose wisely.

    In the near future, medicine will be largely female profession. How many paleo friendly women have you met? Get used to being your own advocate.

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    For those who would like to monitor their health with tests of their choosing when they want, I would recommend Request A Test. This is an online service that will provide the required doctor's order to be able to get a test of your choice done. You pick what test you want and then find and select the nearest Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp lab (they are just about everywhere). After paying with a cc they will send an electronic order to the lab you chose and then you just go and get the draw done. Within 24-48 hours RaT will send you the results. It's private (no doc, employer, or insurance company will see), the tests are very reasonably priced, and you maintain control.
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