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    Quote Originally Posted by trenner View Post
    Do you see any difference in the dual illuminated green versus the dual illuminated amber with respect to your astigmatism?
    I’ve only looked through a green dot once so I can’t say I have experience with it. But I didn’t notice any blooming.
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    I finally have that G43 Street Comp on order. Of course, a G43 Faceshooter NP3 threaded barrel was needed and picked up some Full Cowitness tritium sights to sit behind my RMR that’s mounted to a milled OEM slide on a Suarez plate. With a TLR-6 light/laser, it only needs a WiFi fire control unit and I can say “Alexa, shoot intruder” if I leave it pointed at the door. Positive target ID via my night vision cam, of course. ;-)

    I’m looking at a Dara AIWB holster - that “Claw” thing seems to snug their holsters up to my belly better while my current Tulster flops out a bit, even with a rigid belt. Maybe less belly will help...
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