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    Default Glock Magazine Release Tool

    Filed under 'if it's stupid and works, it's not stupid':

    I got a new SI mag release for my carry G19, and was trying to find a way to get that spring released from the slot of the stock mag release. I poked around for a while, but was concerned about marring the plastic with my pointed tools.

    Being older and wiser, I knew there had to be a right tool for the job. I've screwed up plenty of things using the wrong tool.

    Using my google-fu, I found the Tango Down Magazine Release Tool for Glock. The problem was that it costs $27.50 for something I wouldn't use that often. And the price seemed a bit excessive.

    After poking around for a while, I eventually found this which looked surprisingly similar:

    Premium French Steel Autoclavable Root tip Dental Left Elevator Del-302 (JM BRAND)

    This cost the princely sum of $6.99 so I bought one. It showed up in a couple of days and I had the mag release swapped out with no problem in about a minute. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. Worth every penny.

    This tool also does a good job of prying out connectors.

    Thought I would pass this along for all those tinkerers like me who can't leave well enough alone.

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    pretty sure thats just a dental tool, but then again what i use in the shop is a modified flathead. i've used dental picks before, but i usually break them

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    I believe that's used for prying out teeth....they seem to be a fairly significant piece of metal. Much stouter than a dental pick.....I have broken picks before too, fwiw. Never had one of these. mike

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    The tip looks like the old picks that came with nut crackers. But it does have a much more substantial handle.

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    That's looks very handy for multiple uses... I just bought it just to have it.

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