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    Default ? Like to see an evaluation of the Franklin Armory Reformation 'firearm' by SI

    People using loop holes in Federal firearm laws. I just watched a video of a Franklin armory product with straight rifling on the Military Arms Channel. The example on the video was equipped with a binary trigger. I see people thinking outside of the box, but in this case I am wondering if this is a useful weapon. One can use a shorter barrel and a fore grip on this product since it is not a pistol.

    The hype behind this product
    Franklin Armory Reformation: Not a Rifle, Not a Shotgun, But a ‘Firearm’
    Franklin Armory's NRS barrel technology. NRS stands for “Not a Rifle or Shotgun” and has straight cut lands and grooves while retaining a standard chamber. ... Since Reformation cannot be a rifle or a shotgun, it also cannot be a short barreled rifle of a short barreled shotgun.
    With about IIRC an 8 inch barrel in 5.56 accuracy with key holing bullets was ok at 50 yards believe it or not, but at one hundred was very limited in penetration. My take is that this is an interesting development, but only useful at closer ranges in 5.56. The claim was that the straight rifling in not spinning the bullet caused less deviation when keyholing than what normally occurs. The labradar chronograph for some reason would not consistently record the tumbling bullets.

    It will be interesting to see how this product preforms in .300 blackout with heavy subsonic bullets that tumble. They might preform better at 100 yards than the lighter 5.56 bullets.
    I did not post the video here since Military Arms is a vendor of some products. A search of youtube and internet will turn up several videos of the Reformation product for those that want to watch it. There will be another video on penetration of materials and also using the 300 blackout coming from the Military Arms Channel.

    Below 50 yard grouping with 5.56 bullets heavier than 55 grains.
    50 yd grp 62 bullets..jpg
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    What is in it for me

    I don't sell them, and if I did, I doubt anyone would buy them. I am not into entertaining anyone unless I will get paid. Will Franklin pay me? Doubt it.

    Personally I find the entire reformation, binary trigger business stupid.
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    Their guns are moronic.
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    I think Franklin even reduced or had produced ammo with spiral projectiles that were supposed to improve accuracy and distance. It doesn’t seem like this thing lasted too long in the spotlight after last years shot show as it was overpriced for the Fudd market.
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