June 7-9, 2019 - Prescott, Arizona
Instructor: Gabriel Suarez

This is a new class. It involves live fire work, some force on force, as well as lecture material. The goal is to present all the secrets of winning the gunfight - whether it is a proactive or reactive one - as well as anything that may come afterwards. The distinction between shooting and fighting is always made, so you have a firm understanding that we are training to kill the bad guy with gunfire, not merely shoot a score on a target. Adrenaline-proof gun maintenance drills, and tactics will be addressed as well as proof tested. And training drills, both live and dry will be taught so after-class skill maintenance will be easier. We will discuss and role play in the force on force realm, the immediate environment after the shooting, initial on scene police contact, and how to avoid being misidentified as a suspect. Afternoon and evening lectures will discuss and "open forum" sensitive subjects from deep mindset issues, PTSD avoidance, police interviews, and more. This class gives you everything necessary to win the gunfight handily and win the aftermath artfully. Attendance is limited to twelve.