In the past, cases decided would often cause our tactics to adapt. And the more we knew of them, the better we got at what we did. gathering and understanding relevant information is a part of the study at the Mind Dojo. What you read, what you are aware of, what you train, is not only evidence that can be brought forward to further justify your actions, but also having the security of knowledge you will be confident to take the needed actions quickly and aggressively. To wit

Head shot to fallen terrorist justified by liberal prosecutor's office

"Mateen had earlier told police he had explosives. So when law enforcement approached Mateen's lifeless body, they spotted what looked like wires on him, and they feared he still might be able to trigger a bomb.
That's when one officer fired one more shot into Mateen's prone body, prosecutors revealed.

But it turned out, the wires near Mateen were from an "exit" sign that had fallen on him during the final shootout, authorities said.

"When the officer walks up and, knowing that he had previously talked about bombs being present and he saw wires and whatnot, it only takes that for something terrible to happen," Barra said, pressing her thumb to her index finger simulating a detonation.

"And so the officer made sure that did not happen."