Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Thusfar we have shared what I think are the all important aspects of the study of gunfighting. We have taken all the steps on the map from developing the proper attitude, and self-image, and what that leads to, as well as the sort of training that will best insure your victory in the fight itself. As a point of credibility, not only do I have personal hands on experience with this, but so do my students. I have been teaching these concepts now for twenty years. None of my students, many of whom are private citizens as well as police officers, have ever lost a gunfight, nor have any of them been jailed for their actions during the gunfight. And it is that last point that this next segment of the study is about. The so-called aftermath. The Aftermath (followed by sinister music) is big business. Like the relationship between doctors and pharma that keeps America sick and drugged, the Aftermath-based businesses help keep America afraid, ignorant, and in real danger of the law after a shooting. Both of those eventualities are not only unnecessary, but also easily avoided.

When I see a student that is overweight, sickly and on various metabolic-control drugs, I suggest to him that he take some simple steps with regards to diet and physical activity. Those that listen often return to class half the men the were when we met and report that they are off medications and their health has improved. Could it really be that simple for health? Not always, but usually the answer is yes. Ask my students. But Doctors and Pharma don't make much money from that so their "expert answers" involve those things the can profit from which are drugs upon drugs. Follow the money to see who benefits and why.

There are similarities with the Aftermath Business. Could it be so simple as that? That if you have knowledge about what will happen, what the investigation will be like, and what needs to be said, and how, that the chances of you being listed as a victim rather than a suspect are almost guaranteed? It is that simple. But the legal professionals won't make much money from that so they advise the opposite. You hear the parroted internet advice, as told to them by their attorney - stay silent, say nothing, it will all come out in court.

Sure it will. But let's look at some realities before we take that advice shall we -

1). The police report will not wait for your attorney. It will be written based on observable evidence and statements (yours and that of witnesses). There is a timeline where the initial report will be submitted. The officer writing it doesn't get to take it home and think about it for a few days. He will write it while drinking his coffee and turn it in before his shift is over.

2). You have one of two places to be mentioned in the report - victim or suspect
. Your categorization will determine how you are treated, and what the focus of the investigation will take in relation to you. If you are a victim, the investigation will be to justify your actions upon the suspect who attempted to kill you, by showing his criminal actions. If you are a suspect, the investigation is intended to show that you yourself committed a crime. It is as simple as that.

3). The initial report is written not on paper, but in essence, in stone.
And nothing short of the Lord Himself will ever rewrite that initial report. Once you are a suspect, you are always a suspect. And the investigation will run its course.

4). The role of the victim
- Victims give a statement, an additional follow up statement, and are likely released to go home and sleep in their own bed. Costs? Minimal...maybe a new pistol. Not a bad idea to have a lawyer go with your for a secondary interview, but his fee will be less than the price for a new quality rifle.

5). The role of the suspect -
Suspects are formed when it is clear they committed a crime, or when their lack of response to a request for information leaves the officer to guess about what happened. Suspects are arrested and charged and if they want to go home, must post bail. Bail for a homicide (ostensibly we assume you were successful thus there is a dead body in place) begins at $500,000. At minimum, you will get to pay a non-refundable $50,000. And that is just to go home. Don't have that lying around, or cannot qualify for the "loan"? Guess where you stay until your hearing.

6). And we haven't even discussed the cost of your attorney.
Right around this time some guys will sit smugly in their chair because they have "Sheepdog Insurance". They got it from an ad on Youtube and it only costs $50, and if they get into a shooting, their lawyer will magically materialize on scene and whisk them off to safety. Sure they will. remember item numbers 1-4 above?

Note: An attorney provided at bargain prices through some sort of buying club or insurance is like Obamacare. Feels nice to have that cool membership card until you get something really serious that needs attention.

7). Only by understanding the dynamics and flow of a police investigation, and your role in it, can you affect the outcome of being a victim rather than a suspect.
If you do in fact, remain silent, or don't provide context to what has happened, you all but guarantee becoming a suspect with all that entails. Fair has nothing to do with it. Reality doesn't care what you think is fair.

At this juncture some will still hold on to their "Sheepdog Insurance" card like it was a sliver from the True Cross promising them redemption and salvation if only they dial that 1-800 number at the time when they need it. Others, usually the more educated, realize that what I am saying is true, and look further at what we are saying. The key and most important point is understanding the dynamics and flow of the investigation, your role
in it, and the goal of being a victim rather than a suspect.

Those are things we teach in our class (originally titled Killing Within The Law), and that we will discuss here in Part 2.

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AUGUST 24-25, 2019
Instructor: Gabe Suarez