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    For those of you with LEO experience: Following an officer involved shooting, is it normal practice for the officer to undergo follow-on FATS training prior to returning to patrol?

    I'm familiar with an officer who had (2) shootings within a short time frame (approx. 8 months) both justifed with with body cam footage, who is being asked to run through the FATS training. This wasn't a requirement following the first incident.

    Would this be an assessment to ensure the officer remains capable of critical thinking during high-stress incidents? Would appreciate any insights.


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    I'm not aware of any national standard on this. Returning to duty following a use of deadly force incident is something entirely up to the administration of every department I have experience with .
    This evaluation on the FATS seems like something a chief or a command staff member thinks will mitigate the liability of a third shooting by the same officer.
    I don't ordinarily order my officers to do something like this unless I have a concern about their ability to apply the decisional shooting training they already had .

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    Thanks for the response cwood.

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