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    The little bit of searching I did had most people having a positive opinion of the Type 95. What am I missing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa View Post
    Careful. It's what was said about the Japanese pre-WWII, before we were introduced to the A6M, the Type 99, and the Yamato.
    If it was then that was pure arrogance… The Japanese proved their capability in the Russo-Japanese War and even before we entered WWII the Zero was known as the best fighter at the time. Beyond that the Arisaka Type 38 and 99 rifles were well respected and Japanese arms manufacturers supplied Mauser licensed rifles to Siam before WWI and in the post war period that followed. There was plenty to suggest Japanese hardware were on par with the West. Considering the flood of Chinese made products from toys to electronics and more, I don’t think the same can or has ever been said of China.

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