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    Elfie, you are an inspiration to me and many here.

    Stay dangerous. Become increasingly so.
    Warrior for the working day.

    Es una cosa muy seria. --Robert Capa

    "...I ride the range in a Ford V8...Yippy Yi Yo Ki Yay." --Johnny Mercer

    "Can I move?...I'm better when I move."

    1, 9, 10. And a wakeup.

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    Thanks Papa

    But the reason that I strife so hard is in no small measure due to the standards that you and the rest of the Tribe has set. Unlike the rest of society that thinks just having trained in Karate is achievement enough, you guys throw the gauntlet down everyday. Asking the hard questions-Is your training useful to you and can you effectively use your skills to fight.

    But I am even more thankful for the Mindset Training I have received here.

    Starting with learning from the Tribes lives, taking inspiration from them and using the lessons to reach my own goals.

    And studying the Mind Dojo has also made me once again take a good hard look ad my thinking and attitude-Towards my own life and the world around me.

    The timing of which could not have being better. We currently have Load-Shedding in my country. Which means that the electricity is switched off for a couple of hours a day. Listening to people it sounded like we were mere days away from living the lives of the characters of the Walking Dead. People saying that this is a sign that the country is finally falling apart and that that things are hopeless.

    Drinking coffee with a neighbor last week and about to add my own negative thoughts to the pile I clearly heard Cabe warning me that he does not want to see any hand wringing. Instead I shared some good news I heard on the radio earlier in the day. Then later taking a couple of minutes to look at the facts rationally I realized that things are not perfect but that we are not even close to the edge of the cliff.

    There has also being a marked difference in the way I handle goals that I set for myself since I have started actively taking part in the forum. In the past I would give up as soon as things started to get tough. Now I simply refuse to stop no matter what. Be it having to find away around the obstacle/to simply stick with it until the job is done. Possessing a resolve I did not have before.

    Thanks again for reading my posts and the words of encouragement. I hope that one day I get to hand you a Training Blade, with a request to please attack me as hard as you can. Then afterwards having a couple of cold drinks while swapping training tips and talking about life.


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    Beyond The Wall
    Every so often I leave the house early and go to a local place for breakfast. It is good to break up the routine and I try to do so now and again. As I sipped my full fat cappuccino and ate my bacon and eggs I listened to the conversations around me. One trio of old men (probably younger in age than me but they sure looked the part) spent their meal complaining about how the government was sodomizing them financially and it was almost a contest to see who had suffered the most. And who was most likely to suffer more in the coming year. It was almost a "misery contest" with the winner receiving the pity of the other losers.

    I sat and thought that nobody has a charmed life. Everyone has problems and faces hardships. But warriors don't want sympathy or pity, they want a way to overcome or circumvent (OOC as an acronym of note). They see the government has taken more than its share (which actually it always has, but since Trump it has taken far less than I recall in my lifetime), you don't go about exclaiming how your sphincter has been stretched. You take it all back from them in other ways. And that is not difficult to do unless you think like a Boy Scout.

    Jeff Cooper once told me the story of Hans Ulrich Rudel, a legitimate Nazi but a WW2 badass. He had a book he received from Rudel with an inscription. Cooper translated it - "A man is only defeated, when he admits it to himself".

    My father lost everything to the communists in Cuba. He could have sunk into a bottle or revelled in despair and PTSD. Instead he made a respectable secret living in the Cuban Black Market until he got the family out and then rebuilt from the ground up at age 57. Commiseration, complaining and despair are not in the warrior's DNA.
    Gabriel Suarez

    Turning Lambs into Lions Since 1995

    Suarez International USA Headquarters

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    Negativity bro, it makes me sick.... My aunt for example, stayed in the school system until retirement. She started talking about how if she had time she could have went to school and made x amount extra. Blah blah blah.... poor me shit.. I told her you should have went to school at nights instead of going to the bar and fooling around on my uncle. That went over pretty well. I said it intentionally because I get tired of the poor me attitude. She should be happy to get a pension, I for one will probably never see one if I don’t create it myself. But, that is what is different about me then others. I actually take responsibility for my life and the outcome. Like we have always said, focus of what we can control...

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