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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Calhoun View Post
    100% true.

    Not sure why this is a difficult concept to grasp.

    Gf : “Babe, I’m going to park over here.”

    Me: “No don’t, those guys sitting in the car don’t look right and I don’t want them asking us questions.”

    (Thuggish, Blue bandannas, lowrider, smoke billowing out)

    Gf: “What? That’s racist.”

    Me: “No it’s not, it’s profiling. Park where you want then. I’ll deal with it.”

    <parks over there>

    Step out of my truck go in the store. This is right in front of the store mind you. Come back out and here we go...

    “Yo man, lemme get a light.”

    “Don’t have one. Sorry.”

    “You in the wrong neighborhood man, might wanna check for that light.”

    “Don’t need to check for nothing unless you want me to call 911 for you?”

    I got in the truck as I was asking and told her to just drive, and drove off before he could answer because I was a little sh** back then and knew his car couldn’t keep up with me. We got down to the next city and I told her I was driving from now on if she wasn’t going to listen. We switched spots and went about our night.

    I was just 25 and didn’t carry yet.

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    Should have called him a bitch or cocksucker, something to that nature....

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    If they got out of the car you could have run them over...

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    Our church has a policy, mandated by insurance Iíve been told, that anyone in any childrenís ministry capacity (nursery, Sunday school, Awana, VBS) has to pass a background check. I know they have sign-ups for this every couple months.

    As (nominal) head of security itís my job to oversee this, but there hasnít been any problems so far.

    We had a visitor at the evening service who kept talking to the pre-teen girls and was just generally weird, we gave him money to get a hotel for the night.

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    "Charles, I shan't trust you aboard my ship, unless I carry you a prisoner; for I shall have you plotting with my men, knock me on the head and run away with my ship a-pirating."

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    I agree with others, policy changes, immediately, or I'm gone.

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    I worked 3 years jail nurse and at least as many months of Civil Commitment perverts, worst if worst male juveniles and Max security.

    By the time I worked Max security as nurse I could get the vibe off an inmate, turn to the back of his chart (psych notes) and confirm that he was a sex offender. 100% of the time 100% correct.

    Overhelpful, overfamiliar, leering or too good to be true nice guy = beware. Those that like to hold the floor should be watched too.

    I could also spot ex cons on the street (with more than a decade served), by the way they wear clothes, walk, talk and move.

    But, I pretty much know who is going to try talk to me, when they are still pretty far out and not even oriented to me or looking at me.

    I don't think a child molester would stand a chance.

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    Oh, I forgot to say, once locked up every child molester who would admit to a sexual offence, which is to say few, claimed to have been busted for having sex as a teenager with his teenage girlfriend. Yawn!

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    As far as sick bastard juveniles, there was a small runt who always tried to be alone with the nurse. Later accusing the other male nurse of molesting him.

    Some women are conspirators with male pedophiles. Some juveniles are sexual predators and false accusers.Basically, there are scary manipulative people.

    You need to protect yourself from predators, confidence tricksters etc. The best protection is, never let someone pick you. You pick them.

    If I join a church now my wife has been briefed as to what to do. Those who launch themselves at you, even via their wives, avoid.

    You look around and choose the diamonds, and diamonds in the rough. Clergy are my least favorite, I will avoid them and their clique at all costs.

    Then you have the various categories of heretic, those doing business, favor traders etc etc. The church is a high trust environment, people lower their guard and their filter.

    It's not for nothing also known as The Devils Playground. Of course, Satanists will attend too, and rarely come up against real believers and the power of God. In which case though, the demons inside them cry out for relief, and may even throw them around.

    I don't see that anymore, so bad people feel at ease there.
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