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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    My opinion...for those that care...people are afraid of certain things because they have been trained to be afraid of those things.
    A cultural constant throughout history. Adults and younger humans are compelled to tell others that [ insert just about anything here ] is to be feared, even if they have no real knowledge of that “thing”. Especially if they lack knowledge.

    It’s a verbal virus that spreads from person to person and generation to generation, often with no justification or verifiable evidence. Even the well-educated and logical can be easily affected, especially those steeped in subjectivity and lacking some, or all, objectivity.

    Rational thought and objective analysis are becoming less and less important in our feelings-focused world of instant gratification.

    Gabe, you are absolutely correct, fear is trained and educated into the majority.
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    I have watched two episodes of Ed Stanford`s new series, First Man Out. Where he challenges Special Forces Soldiers from around the world to a race in an extreme environment.

    What has stood out for me yet again about this show and similar shows like Dual Survival is how these soldiers deal with an obstacle mentally.

    Once they have reacted quite naturally to a setback by shouting out in frustration for example it is almost as if their body does an instinctive reset, physically getting their body moving to improve the situation. For example getting their head on a swivel scanning their environment, looking for a better location or resources.

    And once the discover either of those their legs seem to move by their own volition even before a conscious decision has being reached in their minds. Moving them in the right direction or in choosing the correct course of action.

    And only then articulating these steps into clear thoughts-What is necessary to reach this new objective/the next couple of steps that needs to be taken to improve their position-Their thoughts seeming to catch up to their actions. A where the body goes the mind will follow/Action taken instead.

    It seems to me that the military spends as much time training these soldiers, especially their Special Forces,to make decisions based on their training and experiences alone. As much as they do on their fighting skills. Until both these actions becomes totally instinctive. And the soldier trusts in his ability to make the right decision under pressure every time as much as he does is his ability to hit what he aims at every time he picks up his rifle.

    NOTE Even if they make the wrong choice they are able to change gear mid-stride, seeing it only as another obstacle/momentary setback to overcome, and once again already moving towards the new objective. Not wasting time and energy over thinking everything.

    Unlike the methods that people like Dr. Phil uses for example becoming aware of your internal dialog and then changing the words you use so you can reach your goals. eg. Having to make the conscious decision to sit down at a certain time of the day to write. Forming a habit that will sometimes be easy to maintain-Hardly able to wait to sit down and write. And at other times finding it a bit harder, having to motivate yourself to sit down and write. But in both cases needing to make a decision first, before action can be taken-Where the mind goes the body will follow/Action taken.

    We need to use the Mind Dojo in the opposite way. Instead using it like a soldier for training. Running the Flowchart and using the other metal exercises countless of times to train us to make the right decisions over and over again.

    Until we are able to trust ourselves to be able to make the right decision under pressure and we can act without fear or hesitation when the time comes for us to make the decision.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    Fear is a reaction, mostly a trained response. The only fear a person is born with is the fear of high places (being dropped) and the fear of loud noises. the rest are learned behaviors based on life experience and education (how did your parents/friends/teachers). There is a reason that people with literally nothing to lose have no fear, you can't lose something you're already resigned to not having.
    When I was very young, I had recurrent nightmares of falling from very high places. I went parachuting for the first time when I was 23, and I have never had those nightmares again.

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