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    Quote Originally Posted by Medvetz63 View Post
    Finding the capable doctor is the challenge. If you have one be thankful and if you found him or her easily be even more thankful. Most TRT doctors that I have encountered in the U.S. are morons who should not be dispensing testosterone, however if one is a person who reads and learns you can use one of these idiot docs and then on your own run the tests that the doctor should be doing for you.

    The first doctor I went to believed that male patients should completely supress estrogen, not realizing that men need small amounts of estrogen, just like women need small amounts of testosterone. Yet this "doctor" believed that.

    The next doctor I went to believed that estrogen was so important for men that there is no need to test for it at all, because according to him, no matter how high it gets the TRT dose will still be higher and that's all that matters. High estrogen in men is resposible for gynecomastia (bitch tits), water retention, high blood pressure, benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer possibly, and a host of other things. I tested myself for estradiol and purchased Arimidex abroad to control it with when I needed to.

    The current doctor I use checks for all the right things on the blood tests but he feels that just once a year is enough to run the tests when in reality it should be TWICE a year at a minimum with every four months (3x per year) being ideal. Things like hematocrit, PSA, estradiol, etc., can creep up to dangerous levels in way less than a year, and so by testing three times you're more likely to catch them.
    I use this last doctor currently and I do my blood tests on my own abroad to be safe. This last doctor is the one that comes the closest to being competent, yet he really isn't. A patient who uses the doctors above and puts 100% trust in them and thus does not do their own tests like I do stands a HIGH chance of being harmed whereupon the news media will then blame TRT and not the A-hole who administered it.
    SADLY, good doctors are few and far between.
    I agree 10000%.

    I get my own labs done and pay about $350 each time. This is a FULL BOARD that’s about 3 pages of all my stats and a scale of “acceptable “ levels of each category. Last one I ran had everything “in range” even though my test levels were low for my age. Finding a doctor to prescribe it and doing my own test and blood works typically has yielded the best results but I highly value opinions on here which is why I ask. Thanks to everyone who has responded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chipw View Post
    Zooom, curious if your in the medical field? Thanks for the good info either way.

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    I own a wellness clinic in Plano, Texas and have been doing hormone replacement since 2007. There are many ways to skin a cat but my way is best!

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    Very cool!

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    So what's the final word on SQ vs. IM injections? My doc has me doing IM, and if my research is right, it seems to be the better choice. I'm lucky, we have a New Vitality MD in the area, and they're on top of EVERYTHING. Full lab work within 4 weeks of each dose increase (mandatory), HCG supplementation, etc.
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    IM for me. I may try SQ later this year but I avoid "program hopping" with supplements as well as with training.
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