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Thread: SEECAMPS!!!

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    "One of those "everyone who is a gun guy needs one" guns. :)"

    How true. I never really realized the need for one until I received mine. And once I had it - circumstances arose where I actually ended up truly needing a NPE weapon for carry - and there it was! Again - many thanks, Gabe!

    geezer john

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    Picked up mine two days ago, it exceeds expectations.

    Gracias, Jefe!

    Jim Miller
    ISA 6:8

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    The Seecamp LWS 32, together with spare mags and holster arrived as expected. After a test to make sure that "all systems are go," the little pistol now does duty as a back up to the main pistol or two, or by itself as a NPE option.

    Very pleased with both product and service.
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    My $0.02. Bottom line - a really good BUG or NPE weapon as others have said. Main pro is that it is small and can be hidden anywhere. It just disappears. Other pro's are that it is very well made and at least the one I got is not that finicky about ammo - shoots Gold Dots, Silver Tips, Lehigh Cavitators, and Buffalo Bores. The trigger is pretty nice for a DA. Some downsides though - not that easy to rack or field strip.( I plead guilty to being spoiled by the Glocks and Springfields). Not that fun to shoot - you won't be going to the range and shoot a 100 rounds -she's pretty snappy. Takes a little getting used to - I kept looking for the front sight and couldn't find it because it is not there. I know but old habits, etc. All in all though a keeper - if you have to use it it would a game changer ( or as Gabe might say a mind changer). JackH

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