Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Thusfar I have exposed the myths held onto so dearly by a large segment of the gun world and the CCW world, I have discussed the all important development of the winner's, the warrior's self image. This self-image is of far greater importance than any mind set, color code, or anything else used to skirt the world of the mind in the fight.

Now we will discuss how to train to develop the skills of the gunfighter.

Gunfighting and Shooting are not the same things. Gunfighting and gun sports are not the same things. I will bet the average thug who has already killed a few other bad guys will utterly trash the average "grandmaster" sport shooter for whom the street fight is a foreign concept. Why? Because the killer knows how to kill and the gunfight is about killing, not about shooting a score. The concept of shooting for a score, or a "running a stage" is actually detrimental to street fighting skills. And doing one will not make you better at the other. Choose what you want your skill to be developed for...the game fields or the streets. They are different.

Winning in the street is not about speed it is about timing. It is about understanding what is happening and reading the body language and tempo of the event and the participants. You learn timing by training with live adversaries not by shooting paper or steel. Do you evade and then draw? Do you draw and fire as you evade? Do you take a position behind cover and then draw and shoot? Do you shoot from where you are? All of these can be answered in the blink of an eye by a man who understands where he is in the cycle of initiative, and what the timing of the fight is when he realizes it is happening.

Winning in the street is not about shooting accurately as much as it is about not being shot while shooting. The street is a two way world, and there is no 180 degree line behind which you are safe. And the other side will in fact try to kill you because in their minds, you and not them, are the target. Your understanding of this and development of tactics to shoot while not getting shot are paramount to winning. Why do so many good guys get killed? Because their self-image and attitude made them prey, because they were not paying attention to the timing in the fight, and because they had been trained to do well in accordance with and on the artificial training field called the shooting range.

To win a street fight you must train for the street fight. That means that attending the shooting range and establishing a standard monthly round count is not very important. Rather what is important is training to move dynamically in response to gunfire. Not the ridiculous range crab walk, but a sprinter like hauling of ass while drawing. And under real pressure from a training partner who will shoot you in the face if you tarry.

To win a street fight you must train for the street fight. That means that your weapons must be carried in an easily accessible, but totally concealed manner. The bad guys are looking for someone to shoot first. Don't be the buffoon in the IDPA vest with the open carry holster, and the sheepdog hat. But conversely don't be the Elmer Fudd with the Rugger LCP in the pocket covered by candy wrappers and spare change.

To win a street fight, you must train for the street fight. That means that you forget the double taps, the "hammers" and the certain rounds on certain targets as per the rules of the stage. Instead, you train to shoot them to the ground with as much ammo in the upper chest and face as needed...and maybe more. It is about winning by inflicting so much pain and damage on the enemy cannot continue. And that usually means "shooting him to death.". And discussing it is must develop the personal memory of doing so in training against your human training partner. To be good at killing, you need to practice killing...and with total honesty and clarity of what you are doing.

To win the street fight, you must train for the street fight. And unless the street fight will be taking place at the seven yard line of the shooting range, you should not spend your time there.

Fifty percent of your time should be spent in dry fire training at home. Not just standing there watching the sights while pressing, but in dynamic movement drill so that your evasive actions are reflexive and done without thought as you draw. In reactive and reflexive weapon manipulation drills so running your pistol is thoughtless and automatic. And all of it done from concealment, at full speed, and with total freedom from the rules and constraints of the range. The best thing about this is that it is free.

Thirty percent should be in training with another human being in force on force drills. If you do not know any force on force drills, you know nothing about training for the street. I am not going to give them to you for free. Come to a class and learn them. These drills will test you and tax you unlike any shooting exercise ever will. And once you master them you will be a very dangerous person indeed, and any man that chooses you as a victim will be in far more danger from you than you from him.

Only the last twenty percent of your time need be spent on the shooting range. And of that time, some spent of accuracy for those events when you have the initiative and are preempting the fight. The rest of the time spent in live fire executions of the movement and shooting drills you develop in the force on force realm. And truly, you could do well to take that last twenty percent and divide it equally between dry fire and force on force drills and not lose out on any skill development.

If I had total control over a student's development, they would not fire a single live shot until they had a full and complete understanding of these things.

Next Time - The Secrets: Understanding the Rules Of The Fight

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