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    Default RM380

    Got one on a whim when on sale, with a rebate the total price was under $200.

    Passing 2000 rounds with 3 hiccups. Mixed brands, weights and shapes.

    Riding the slide while feeding a round with hollow points caused the nose to catch the edge of the ramp. Happened twice during the first box.

    Most of the grip screws started to rust in the first 2 months. Since then I’ve kept it lightly oiled. I’m suspicious of the finish on the steel parts. The frame’s finish is ok.

    Around the house this is often in my pocket. Sitting with it in the right back pocket I find the release pushes in partway causing the magazine to back out just enough to not feed. Pushing the magazine back in fixes the immediate problem. I think it only happens when pushed to the left. Took two times before I found the cause and could repeat it. Moved to front pocket.

    I’ve added after market +1 magazine extensions to a couple of magazines with some early problems. The first version was krap. The second version from the same company has been trouble free for 700+ rounds.

    The after market increased rate recoil spring set has no noticeable effect.

    I also replaced the plastic mainspring retainer with a steel after market retainer.

    Ordered extra take down pins so I’ll never lose the one it came with.

    The factory trigger has smoothed out nicely with use. Also installed a spring kit that improved the trigger pull.

    Ebay had replacement grips that look and feel exactly like factory for 1/4 of the list price. I ordered a set just to have on hand.

    Accuracy has been more than acceptable. I use it to shoot mice around the barn and even a few snakes. It’s a real mouse gun!

    Gabe has mentioned the RM380 several times lately in posts and the blog. Waiting for him to provide improvements for this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monte View Post

    Waiting for Gabe to provide improvements for this.
    I think he has, its the Seacamp.
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    No, the Seecamp fills a rather different niche. Remington would have done much better to have copied the Rohrbaugh 380 or R9 verbatim, though. There's a reason why the old-timers used heel mag releases for pocket pistols, they don't release just by riding in your pocket.

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