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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    if I cant use everything on the platform in an ambidextrous manner it's useless weight.
    Devil’s Advocate argument:
    Even if it’s not fully ambidextrous; even if it is a “half solution,” having a lower 45-degree mount does at least solve half of a problem. Outside of CQB, where you may be switching shoulders frequently, how much off-side shooting is likely? Part of the value of the RDS is simply having a back-up optic in the event of a catastrophic failure of the primary sighting system. To that extent, the lower 45-degree mount could still save you, though it couldn’t be used off your left shoulder.

    Gabe elects to use no RDS at all on a DMR, and that is generally accepted as reasonable. (It is, after all, a DMR.) A half-solution is still better than nothing at all. So perhaps the half-solution still has some merit. A half-point, if you will, which could still be a tie-breaker.
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    You're assuming I cant do it with unsighted fire. A 50% solution is a 100% failure. Ounces = lbs, if I cant use it at 50% I dont want it when I'm 100%. Be hungry, sleep deprived, injured, wet, and cold. A 50% solution degrades dynamically based on condition. Give me simple and light and I can make it work under the worst conditions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WOLF220 View Post
    I think with today’s low power variable optics, it does away with the abortions like the HK setup above. And I personally can’t stand offset sights. A 1-6-8 power optic will give you sufficient magnification at the ranges you would employ a DMR. And if you had to enter a structure, you can crank down the power and use it like a red dot. Technology is a wonderful thing. Those HK setups are going the way of the dinosaur.
    Nailed it, especially if there is an illuminated reticle of some type as an option. The Leupold hogplex variety comes to mind
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