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    Quote Originally Posted by ctdair View Post
    Hurray, I am the worlds worst at waiting. Canít wait, will have an opportunity to need it coming Saturday.
    So I did indeed have the Seecamp with me today in an inside coat pocket. The Don Hume holster worked in this application as well.
    I most likely would have been fine and not discovered with either of my Glocks (19 or 26) carried IWB. Not having complete advance intel I chose the Seecamp. It literally disappeared and I was pleased with it the ease in which it was concealed. Next time in the same venue Glock iwb and still the Seecamp as backup.

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    Yet another first group buy pistola has made it to its forever home! Nice!
    As someone who grew up on the south side of Detroit in the 60s and has seen a buttload of small 25s, I was absolutely amazed at the quality and fit of the Seecamp .32! Truly a gun that will last a lifetime (especially at my age:) Can't wait to get out and put some rounds through it. Thanks for putting the deal together, Gabe!

    geezer john

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    Just picked mine up and yeah, it's a keeper without a doubt.

    Thank you Gabe.

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