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    Default INTERESTING ARTICLE - Lyoto Machida: The Double Edged Sword of Competition Karate

    Lyoto Machida: The Double Edged Sword of Competition Karate

    Read it and discuss. The "All strikes are equal" perspective is similar in poorly conceived concept to the sport shooting concept of speed/accuracy/score.
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    Modern competition karate turns my stomach. The ridiculous bouncing around, the stopping after a strike, the posturing for a point. It’s worse than the soccer guys play acting for the foul. Worst of all is the tippy tappy striking. Sacrilege!

    That said, I can absolutely see how GOOD tournament karate (if such even exists now) would be beneficial to MMA. Timing, setting traps...all useful for competition.

    A lot of MMA guys I see are sloppy strikers. Doesn’t mean they can’t fight, just means they are sloppy strikers. Karate people tend to be more disciplined with their stikes.
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    I experimented with Arm Circles using them when the attacker had moved me around a lot and I suddenly end up square to him. Presenting him with to many targets to aim at and the use of both arms to rain down punches on me.

    Unlike it when I face him at a 45 degree angle giving him a much smaller target and I am able to pick up the attacks easier.

    A. It is important to insure that you use big movements covering all the Lines of Attack instead of just forming small circles in front of your chest. b. Mix in more Blocking Motions moving across your face and chest, than simply moving your arms up and down, using Open Hand Blocks and Crossing your Arms-The opening of Tekki-Shodan.

    The place where I got stuck was that my attacker would simply back of out of my range after momentarily being confused by my Arm Circles and just wait for my arms to come to a stop. a. To Strike at me-Still having multiple targets to choose from, because my position had not changed. b. I have to come to a stop with my arms to be able to throw a Strike of my own. Making it easier for my attacker to pick up my attacks.

    a. Pushing the other guy back like Ali did, while moving your arms at least put`s the other guy on the defensive without you needing to Strike. B. And kicking while still moving the arms does not allow your attacker to pick up the kick. Solving the challenges I personally had.

    Ending up square I use up and down Diagonal Slashes covering all the Lines of Attack, cutting the attacker of me-Forcing him to step back and giving me an opportunity to move back to a 45 degree angle.

    GRABBING YOUR OPPONENT AND IMMEDIATELY LETTING GO TO STRIKE is not important to us. Dirty Boxing from MMA seems to fit our needs better and continuing to train Hukite would be more useful.

    THE CLINCH, THROW and STRIKE needs to be one continuous technique, without any breaks to score your point. So to Counter Attack I only need to cause a pause at some point in the sequence. eg. Tying my opponent up in the Clinch for only a second/pulling him down with me in the throw-Even if he ends up in the Top Position-This prevents him from attacking any further with any Strikes because he has to be in control of his Strike-Be on his feet to score a point.

    We in turn have time to Set Up our attacker first-Striking him in the Clinch, causing damage and disrupting his balance before the throw, we can continue our attack while following our attacker to the ground-If he manged to grab hold of us and we can continue to Strike while he is trying to tie us up on the ground. Not pressed for time and not worried about being grabbed.

    FOOTS WEEP Trying to make the attacker lose his balance and following him to the ground with a punch is a technique suited for competition. A.Allowing you to safely attack the leg with a sweep and punch combo. b. As a way to reach your attacker with a Strike. Closing the fighting distance using your leg to attack the opponent`s ankle. And then taking advantage of the opportunity you created by unbalancing him to land a punch. C. Attacking the Bouncing of your opponent-Timing the jumps and sweeping the opponent while both his feet are of the ground.

    A strong Leg Kick is a lot less complicated to execute,causing a lot more damage and has the potential as a fight stopper.

    So the answer is still the same Cabe. All the techniques except maybe the Arm Circles are only useful at Sparring Distance-Trying to close the distance. Not something that is applicable to our needs.

    But the answer to the author`s question is yes. Competition Karate has a lot to offer MMA-Teaching you about Closing and Controlling the space between you and your opponent.


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