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If you wear it all the time, you’ll need a pattern where you spend half days or so without it and this is “normal.” Or you’ll need to hire somebody to stay at your home, walking around with you gear on their person as a live electronic alibi.
This is something I started practicing years ago, once I began seeing all the tech tracking capabilities the .Gov has. I leave my phone when I go to dinner with the wife, or at random when I go anywhere around town. I also occasionally place my phone in a faraday bag when I drive farther than an hour or so from the house on weekends.

I appreciate my privacy when I'm not at work, and I also like to mix up my digital signature when I'm out and about. I don't have much to hide, but I also don't have anything I want to show you either.

Also, I just thought. If one has a dog, they could put their phone in one of those doggy saddle bags and leave the dog at home. The dog would move around occasionally, giving the impression that you're there.