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    Update to the above message ^

    I reload. My reloads are within 4 fps of the Hornady Critical Duty that I carry, on purpose. I use Accurate #5 powder. Hornady works perfect. Reloads are not 100% reliable with the comp. (yeah yeah, I already hear you sayin' it...) They (for years) have been 100% in everything, G26, 17, 43, Ruger PC Carbine, Beretta Brigadier. I am also a (very small) FFL and had a box of Magtech 115gr that students and customers buy for qualifications and plinking. They reacted the same way to the comp, not 100% reliable.

    The Suarez Gunsmith (Josh) suggested that I need a slower burning powder, or try a lighter recoil spring. I have literally thousands of rounds made, and pounds of powder :( I haven't tried that option yet. I have ordered a 14lb recoil spring and will try that.

    Like I said earlier, it worked 100% with the Hornady, however, I will not train or practice (100's or thousands of rounds) with Critical Duty.

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    I am very happy to report that I just got back from the range. Here is what happened -

    I installed a Wolfe recoil assembly with a 14 lb spring.

    I shot a full magazine of Hornady Critical Duty with zero issues.

    I shot 2 magazines of my reloads with zero issues.

    I had another person shoot a magazine of my reloads with zero issues.

    Granted, this is not an exhaustive test. I will continue as time permits to continue with it, including an upcoming class I am taking. I feel like the problem has (probably) been solved with the 14 lb spring.

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    Apparently good thing show up in suspicious packages on rainy days...
    Waitin' for a squeeze...

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    Great looking gun IAN.
    I'm somewhere around the 1100-1200 round count through my 26 since adding the comp and like it more and more each time I shoot it.
    The versatility of this set up is amazing.
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